Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1961

The Church As God Designed It — It's "Scope" And Its "Limitation"

West Harris Church Of Christ, Spur, Texas

SCOPE: Within God's Word — Specified — Included -- Authorized — Required.

LIMITATION: Beyond God's Word — Not Specified — Excluded — Unauthorized...Disallowed.

TWO QUESTIONS: Does God ever do for man (divinely instructed) what man can do for himself? Since "the church is the fulness" of God (Eph. 1:22-23) in the world today unto man's salvation IS THE CHURCH AUTHORIZED or RESPONSIBLE TO DO FOR MAN WHAT HE CAN DO FOR HIMSELF?

1. God's Purpose In The Church — Its Mission, Work and Responsibility." Jerry Ray, Irving, Texas.

2. "God's Word and God's Church Are All-Sufficient Unto Every Responsibility of the Church." Hoyt T. Houchen, Abilene, Texas. (Question: Are human expediencies, organizations and operational allowable?)

3. "Government and Organization of the Church, and the Responsibility and Authority of Elders." A. Hugh Clark, Lubbock, Texas. (Question: Must members, to avoid sinning, obey elders in all things they direct, even if the thing directed is wrong? Will the elders only have to give account to God?)

4. "The Church's Benevolent Obligation — Who is to be Helped? And How?" J. D. (David) Tant, Portales, New Mexico. (Question: Are Human Organizations (Benevolent Homes, Etc.) allowable?)

5. "The Church (Congregation) and the Individual Member." O. B. Procter, Seminole, Texas. (Questions: Can the church do anything the individual can do? Should members do their good work through the church that the church may get the credit for them?)

6. "The Church and Its Evangelistic Obligation." A. A. McInroe, Midland, Texas. (Question: May any organization, institution or operational arrangement other than or larger than the local congregation be used by the church in doing her evangelism?)

7. "The solution to the Issues Facing the Church Today, and How Churches Can Co-operate." Dee Bowman, Lubbock, Texas.

8. The Sinfulness of and the Nature of Division in the Church." Hugh Clark, Lubbock, Texas. (Question: How does God define "division" and "separation" in the church? Are the two the same? Are both always sinful? Who is responsible?)

Unless a change has to be made these topics will be discussed beginning Monday night November 6th and run each night (as listed) for seven consecutive nights — topic number 7 being delivered on Sunday morning. Services will begin each evening at 7:30 P. M.