Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1961

Pertinent Paragraphs

N. W. Allphin, Tahoka, Texas

Paul said, "prove all things; hold fast to that which is good." If an "eldership" or a church is holding to something they cannot prove either by Bible precept, approved example or necessary inference, they should drop it. It is not good.

To whom it may concern: If a preacher's greatest concern is to guard against saying something that may offend someone, you may be sure of one thing, he is not going to say anything that is of much importance. Plain truth sometimes gives offense to certain people.

Do you ask, What is wrong now? Well, for one thing, some churches are still keeping the gospel IN (confined to the local congregation), while in the beginning such was not so. In those days churches sent the gospel OUT. That was, and is yet, the best way — the Lord's way.

Many churches throughout the land are growing in numbers — gaining many additions. If these are really converted to the Christ, that is good. But, from the trend of things generally, we fear that a goodly number of these are NOT conversions to Christ, but rather just to the "fellowship" of the congregation.

Where is the scripture that says or intimates that it is an obligation of a church, as such, to sponsor and finance the entertainment and social activities of an entire community of youngsters, or even the children of the members? Do not try going without your meals until you find it. Such things as are mentioned above are the responsibility of parents, in proportion to their wisdom and ability.

Some of our "doctor" brethren tell us that we have authority, as Christians or churches, to practice anything not specifically excluded by the scriptures. Now anyone who got through the seventh grade knows that such teaching would open the way for sprinkling instead of baptism, instrumental music instead of singing, cake and iced tea instead of bread and the fruit of the vine for the Lord's supper. Such argument (?) as the above for authority is "pure D" bunk, even if it is from a Ph. D.

A noted writer and speaker has said (and he spoke the truth) "Another short step is the distance between expediency and dishonesty." Please note this statement carefully: When men make expedience the RULE instead of the EXCEPTION (as some are doing in their late writings), their next step — a short one — is to ignore facts, pervert scripture and resort to sophistry in frantic efforts to free themselves from a palpable mess of glaring contradictions. That is a shameful state for one who is known as a gospel preacher!