Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 26, 1961

Morning Star Rises In Morehead City

Wm. E. Wallace, Poteau, Oklahoma

On the shores of North Carolina, the port of Morehead City with its twin city of Beaufort, is making its way up to national importance. Morehead is important in the area of trade, industry and recreation. Its port facilities are being expanded. It is a center of trade for shipping lines of several countries. The Morehead City area is a center for the fishing industry. It has few equals for recreational possibilities. There is much we could say about this port of the commonwealth of North Carolina.

The most important thing we can say is that for the first time a New Testament congregation has been planted in Morehead City. This was virgin soil. Never before has there been a church of Christ in Morehead City.

In July a number of preachers participated in an effort to establish a congregation in Morehead City. This effort was successful. The first Sunday's service saw twenty-three in attendance, the second Sunday service brought out thirty-six. A suitable building has been rented and the prospects for quick, steady growth are especially good.

A preacher of ability and experience has agreed to move to Morehead City. He is Reavis Petty of the Mooresville Pike congregation in Columbia, Tennessee. Brother Petty participated in the effort to get a church started in Morehead City. The people there like him, and he likes them. He is suited and equipped well for the work.

Brother Petty is ready to go. The old story of finances is involved. So we are launching out on a special drive to raise money for his salary and expenses in order that he and his family of five may move to North Carolina, soon.

Sound churches co-operated in a sound way to establish a sound church in Morehead City. Now we are asking for sound churches to co-operate soundly in supporting a sound preacher for a sound work.

Here is a work that you can be proud to support. Here is a work which will bear fruits to encourage the members of the congregations who can and will help. If you will look into this work you will see that the possibilities of "quick returns" in growth and maturity are exceptionally good.

For further information contact the Church of Christ, Box 1211, Morehead City, N. C., Reavis Petty, 301 Greely Drive, Columbia, Tennessee, or Wm. E. Wallace, Box 407, Poteau, Oklahoma.

We are anxiously awaiting your contact. Detailed information regarding amount of salary and expense money needed will be sent to interested churches. Regular financial reports will be sent to those who will help brother Petty. In a plea like this, any pledged amount is a big help — anywhere from $5.00 a week to $500.00 a month. We look forward to hearing from you.