Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 26, 1961

A Report From Arch St.. Little Rock, Ark.

Louis J. Sharp, Little Rock, Ark.

The work at Arch Street in Little Rock is presently making giant strides in its efforts to get the truth before the people of our community. As readers of the Gospel Guardian know, we recently employed brother Eugene Britnell as full time evangelist to work with us. I am fully persuaded it is the best move we could have made in interest of truth and the church of our Lord in this city. In our opinion, brother Britnell is the number one man we could have gotten for the job at hand. The people at Arch Street already love him for his sincerity, straight-forwardness, and plain gospel preaching. He has unlimited zeal and love for the truth. Much good has already been accomplished.

Some queries have been advanced as to why I resigned the work at Arch Street. There are several good reasons:

1. It was apparent a full time evangelist was needed to accomplish the most good.

2. I have been laboring for 81/2 years with this group while carrying an full time secular work.

3. We felt the time was ripe for the right man to do a great job for the cause of truth in our city.

4. Of necessity, we have not been as aggressive as we should have been, and felt that in order to proclaim and defend the truth, we should secure the services of one who could capably do so. This job requires time and I did not have it while engaged in secular work.

5. The move was made by the Arch Street Church at MY suggestion and was completely harmonious throughout.

6. The final reason I offer is simply this, we had the opportunity to get brother Britnell! This opportunity we could not afford to pass up.

I plan to work shoulder to shoulder with brother Britnell in the congregation here. It is our hope that we, like Paul of old, will "turn this city upside down." Already we are seeing the fruits from our labors. Recently, three fine families, in addition to the Britnells, have identified with us. They moved here from Oklahoma City, Tuckerman, and California. They know and stand for the truth. Other families from within the city are interested and we have had a great increase in the number of visitors in our services. At the present, we are breaking attendance records, and contribution records. The trend is definitely upward. We call upon you to send us any information you may have concerning friends and loved ones in Little Rock and surrounding areas, that we may contact them. Send information to:

Eugene Britnell

8909 Mayflower ,

or Louis J. Sharp

6900 Gingerbread Lane

We anticipate an unprecedented growth in our work here. We are arranging a fall meeting with different speakers each evening. Ward Hogland will be with us in June, 1962. We believe you will be hearing from the Arch Street church of Christ in the future.

Our paper, The Sower, is available to you free of cost upon request. Brother Britnell is the capable editor and you will enjoy reading it. We invite you to worship with us when in Little Rock.