Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 27, 1961

"Supporting Orphan Homes"

Ira B. Sandusky, Wilmington, California

We are all acquainted with the frequent number of times things are written in papers that tend to give a distorted view of our actions and make us look as if we were hypocrites.

In the Home Journal, of May, 1961, from Wichita, Kansas, comes a report stating that along with some others, Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Sandusky had sent $5.00 to the Maude Carpenter Home in memory of T. M. Barrett of Dodge City, Kansas. During the years of 1935-36 we lived in Dodge City and I preached for the church there and the Barrett family were very close friends and have remained so over the years, in fact have visited us in other places of work, for which we were happy. A short time ago we received a telegram that brother Barrett had passed away. Wife and I wrote to sister Barrett and as we have done over the years sent her some money instead of flowers, and told her to use it for whatever she saw best and for something she wanted. Well, then this report comes stating that we had sent this money to the home in memory of brother Barrett. It is just not true and for the benefit of the faithful brethren, I am sending this to the paper to clarify the account of such actions.

I do not and have not supported any Home or such organization for a number of years and do not think that a Christian can support such institutions and remain true to the word of God.

If some of the brethren want to write me up they have my permission after reading this statement of how my name happened to be there, was the result of sister Barrett sending it and not us.