Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 27, 1961

Not Campbellites

A. C. Grider

An Encyclopedia of Religion, edited by Dr. Vergilius Fern, and published by the Philosophical Society of New York, is a new 844 page encyclopedia of Religion. It is said to be the most complete book of its kind ever published. On page 116 we quote the following:

"Campbellites: a term sometimes applied to the Disciples of Christ; 1. whimsically by themselves; 2. ignorantly by the non-church public; 3. viciously, as well as ignorantly, by the less enlightened sects. Obsolescent, with the general advance of religious intelligence and interdenominational courtesy."

Note: Three reasons why people call me "Campbellite."

1. Whimsically, that is, in fun.

2. Ignorantly, that is they don't know any better.

3. Viciously, as well as ignorantly. They are downright MEAN!

When they advance in intelligence and courtesy, I am sure they will quit it.

But, I am called an "anti!" Sometimes whimsically. People do it in fun. But sometimes people call me anti because they are ignorant of the facts. But, more often, I am called an anti because of a combination of VICIOUSNESS and IGNORANCE! I pray that some will advance in intelligence and courtesy and quit it.