Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 2, 1961

Church Of Christ

Mound And Starr Nacogdoches, Texas January 29, 1961

To churches of Christ All Over The World Dear Brethren:

The elders of the Mound and Starr congregation at Nacogdoches would not have you to be ignorant concerning our faithful brother in the Lord, Roy E. Cogdill. He came to us amidst the cries of some that he would split the church in Nacogdoches; that he was a trouble maker, etc.

It has been the good pleasure of the elders of this congregation to work with a good many of the faithful gospel preachers during the past and for that we are grateful to God. We always rejoice when we have opportunity to work with those who hold God's truth above all else.

We would be less than honest if we did not say that Roy Cogdill, after preaching for this congregation for some two years under the most trying circumstances, measures up to as high standard as can be expected of any preacher of the gospel. We found him to be cooperative in all our efforts to further the Lord's work here. He was' unselfish with his energy and time in helping those who were constantly seeking his assistance in spiritual matters. During his tenure here there were a few cases of need in this congregation and none gave more bountifully than did he.

We have learned to love him as a person and as a brother in Christ. We rejoice in his ability and willingness to stand for a "thus saith the Lord." We further rejoice that we have had the privilege to know and work with so staunch a soldier of the cross. He left of his own choosing and with our sincere regrets that circumstances made him feel it best to move to Oklahoma City.

We commend him to faithful brethren everywhere and it is our fervent hope that each member of the body of Christ will measure up to the standard of a Christian as exemplified by Roy Cogdill. He is not a hypocrite and you never have trouble knowing whether he is for, or against something as it pertains to things spiritual. He insists on a "thus saith the Lord" and perhaps this is what irritates some people so much. At any rate, we hope no one will be guilty of passing judgment on him until you know him even as have we. It is our prayer that he may have many years yet in the Lord's service.

Finally, to faithful brethren everywhere we say, "lift up your head and be not afraid, nor ashamed to stand for chapter and verse for our worship to God." After all that is what made you a member of the Lord's church to begin with, and it is all that will keep you one.


J. T. Alders W. C. Sparks

Joe L. Kinsey