Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 15, 1960

Catholics Justify Lying

Jere E. Frost, Birmingham, Alabama

Some Americans are yet unaware of the utter corruption of Roman Catholicism and the menacing potential she possesses of robbing us of every freedom that we cherish. There is no order on earth less trustworthy, or more diametrically opposed to the freedoms of religion and the press. She considers no means too unscrupulous if it will but assist in the accomplishment of her iniquitous designs, and to say that Catholics justify lying to make an understatement; they advocate the telling of falsehoods, even under oath! A wild charge? Do I hear a Knights of Columbus ad professing innocence and crying, "Investigate?" In token evidence notice the self indictment contained in the official teaching of that apostate body as contained in her approved publications:

"However, we are also under obligation to keep secrets faithfully, and sometimes the easiest way of fulfilling that duty is to say what is false, or to tell a lie." (Cath. Ency., vol. X, p. 195).

"So that a false statement knowingly made to one who has not a right to the truth will not be a lie." (ibid., vol. IX, p. 471).

"A Catholic who on being asked denies that he is one, does not necessarily deny the faith. Such answer might merely be a fitting reply to an impertinent question." (Manual of Moral Theology, vol. I, p. 171, 172).

"There is a difference between a religious and a legal oath....If he (a Catholic) pronounces a formula that expresses an oath, without the intention of swearing, then he has sworn nothing." (Explan. of Cath. Morals, p. 129).

The above quotations boldly affirm that a Catholic (1) may lie if his conversant is judged unworthy of the truth, (2) must lie to keep a secret, (3) it then being a duty to lie, (4) and can be a good Catholic while denying being a Catholic (5) and can even take an oath and swear by the name of God to these deliberate deceptions. As though James did not condemn swearing (James 4:12), how could a mortal do more to dishonor and shame his God than by making His name a party to the filth of cunning craftiness and vile lies? And Catholicism advocates it! Yes, lie and swear; that sometimes is the "easiest way of fulfilling (a) duty" and "such answer might merely be a fitting reply to an impertinent question." God forbid! Regardless of the excuse used, or purpose, or kind of lie involved, God both abhors and condemns it. (Prov. 6:17, 19; 19:5, 9; Rev. 21:8).

Nonetheless, this is Catholic doctrine. And it should cause us grave concern when we consider her political advances during the past several years. The possibility of seating a Roman Catholic in the White House is real! In the days of Al Smith, unsuccessful Catholic presidential candidate, only about forty percent of the voting populace would assent to having a Romanist for the president, regardless of who he was or on which ticket he ran. Today, a more recent poll reveals that slightly over seventy percent of the voters would not object to a man on the basis of his being a Catholic. Yes, there is a real possibility; the campaign is even now underway:

So what, you say? Well, his first allegiance will be to Rome, not America, and he would not be bound by his oath to uphold and protect our nation's constitution. As noted earlier, a legal oath to a Catholic is meaningless. We would be led by a man with a license to lie, a man divorced from the obligation to be faithful to integrity. He would be committed to a political system (in the name of religion) that denies religious freedom in the countries she dominates, and that has insulted and publicly lamented our religious freedom. In the event of a break between the Vatican and Washington, such a president would be against us, but could subversively remain in the white house because he has been given permission to deny Catholicism while continuing to be a good Catholic, lying about his loyalty so as to satisfy America and serve Rome! His religion not only permits it, but advocates it when to His advantage. And under the quite possible circumstance described, we would then have the highest office in our land filled by the equivalent of a foreign spy!

Catholicism, a synonym of corruption and a defender of deception! Be not deceived by her, and beware her religious boasts and political infiltration.