Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 26, 1958

The Overflow


Accomplished Liar

Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked that, "Napoleon III acquired such skill in the art of lying that you could not even depend upon the exact contrary of what he said." The most exquisite and effective liar of all is the man who mixes 9 parts of truth to one part falsehood — that one part falsehood being such in nature as to destroy the entire structure.

Pauline Epistles

This page is being written in New Bern, North Carolina, where the editor is engaged in a good meeting. Ronald McRay, preacher for the church here, tells us this really happened when he was preaching for the church at Diboll, Texas: The wife of the Methodist pastor had been teaching a "Ladies Bible Class" in the Methodist Church; some of her class told Brother McRay that their teacher had explained to them that the "Pauline epistles" were those letters which Paul had not written personally himself but had dictated to his wife, Pauline!

Radio Preaching

Well, we've heard of at least one good result from radio preaching: A couple of years ago, J. O. Walters had a regular broadcast from New Bern, North Carolina. A Presbyterian elder in the area got to listening to him rather faithfully, and became much interested in Brother Walters' simple Bible lessons. One day he met Walters, and was complimenting him on the fine programs. He said, "One thing I'll tell you for sure. Your radio program has convinced us and we are not going to have any more of that flipping a few drops of water on a baby's head and calling it 'baptism;' and neither are we going to be using cookies and RC cola on the communion table any more! We have learned enough from your preaching to stop those things, for certain!"

No Guardian Next Week

The first week in July and the last week in December are "vacation" weeks for those of us who put out the Gospel Guardian. By "vacation" we mean it gives us a chance to try to dig out from under the avalanche of work that seems increasingly to assume mountainous proportions as the days go by. But the paper will be back in your box as usual after this one week "breather."

Last Chance!

This is your LAST CHANCE to get the Cogdill-Woods Debate at the prepublication price of only $3.00. (See advertisement on back page of this issue.) The book has been promised for delivery on July 1; but we are allowing for a ten-day delay; so are setting the termination date for the prepublication price at midnight, July 10. All orders post-marked before that date will get the book for $3.00 (if the money accompanies the order). Orders post-marked later than July 10 will be charged the full price of the book — something not yet determined at this writing, but not less than $4.00, and probably not more than $5.00.

Why Not?

Brother Roger M. Hendricks from Dayton, Ohio, sends us the name of a church in his city which recently mailed out an appeal for help in building a new house of worship. It is "The Praying Church of God In Christ." Well, why not? At least that sounds better than "The On-The-March, Sponsoring Church of God In Christ." And there is more Bible for it than for the other.

A Pin-Head

The other day we heard a brother preacher giving his opinion of the new chemise dress. He said, "it's not so much a bad fit as it is a convulsion. (Read that twice; it's tricky.) Which recalls to memory the remark a French politician made of one of his fellow politicians: "Messieurs," he softly intoned, "my fellow-delegate is such a pin-head that a demitasse cup would fit his head like a sunbonnet."


Preaching schedule for the editor for the next few weeks is as follows: Zion Church near jasper, Alabama, June 22-29; Garrison, Texas, July 7-16; Locust Bayou, Arkansas, July 20-27; Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas, August 3; Ventura, California, August 17-27; Alameda, California,

August 28-September 7; El Cerrito, California, September 8-17; Sacramento, California, September 21-28; Lomita, California, September 29-October 8; Fresno, California, October 12-19; Las Vegas, Nevada, October 20-29.

Clark's Article

We call special attention to the article by Brother A. Hugh Clark in this issue. It is most timely. Read it and pass it on to your friends and ask them to read it.

Bound Volume Nine

Bound Volume Nine is in the process of being bound right now. We will have the books ready for shipment in a couple or three weeks. By ordering NOW you can get it for $4.00 (if you accompany your order with the remittance). But waiting three weeks means you will have to pay the full $5.00 price.

"J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher"

Work on the Tant biography progresses almost (but not quite) on schedule. We are only about one week off, so ought not to have any real difficulty in getting the manuscript into the hands of the printer in late July or August. It will take him about sixty days to do the job, so we are anticipating an October publication date for the book. Order it now for only $3.00. Your early order will materially help us in estimating the number of copies to print. Thanks!

General Picture?

Nearly everywhere we go we are asked, "What is the general picture of the situation now? Is there going to be a major division? Is the truth gaining ground or losing?" Well, it is hard to give any single answer that will cover everything. But we DO believe now that a major division is a distinct possibility. It will come not over orphan homes, sponsored church centralized authority, or even hospitals and kitchens, but over MODERNISM. These other things are but symptoms and indication of the deeper underlying sickness that is present. A lack of respect for the authority of the Bible is a most ominous portent, and indicates a basic condition of heart that will give quick and ready encouragement to the evil seeds of liberalism.