Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 26, 1958


James O. Wilburn, 511 Harrison, Lebanon, Oregon: "I assisted the church at Graton, California in a short meeting which closed last night. Four were baptized. Here in Lebanon two were added by transfer of membership during my absence. Brethren Boone and Brummitt of Central church in Salem supplied here. I will be with Westside in Santa Rosa for a meeting in July."

M. A. Mansur, 1000 Lynwood Drive, Rolla, Missouri: "Yesterday was another wonderful day for the Lord. One being baptized into Christ, and two to place membership. Just recently two others were baptized, one restored, and another to place membership, making six responses to the invitation. Indeed the GOSPEL OF CHRIST is God's only power to save. When in this area plan to worship with the Saints here in Rolla, Missouri at Seventh and State street; and pray that His Kingdom may grow and increase, both spiritually and numerically."

W. E. Coffman, 4601 Branscomb Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas: "After seven pleasant years with the good church in Sinton, we moved to Corpus Christi in June of last year and began a new work; we met in a school building for about ten months. The first of May this year we moved into the first unit of our new building at 4215 Dakin Place. Faithful brethren in this area have helped and encouraged us much. Luther Blackmon will preach for us in a meeting beginning June 23."

Paul Foutz, 2907 N. Century, Odessa, Texas: "After a pleasant association of several years with the Castleberry congregation in Fort Worth, we moved to Odessa, Texas, the middle of last November, to work with the Crescent Park church. Brother W. L. Wharton preceded us in the work here and we were followed at Castleberry by Brother Harry Pickup, Jr. Since our coming to Odessa we have had 41 responses. Of this number 11 have been baptized and 18 have been restored. This good congregation is supporting the preaching of the gospel in other places besides Odessa. I have time available for two meetings next year. Please note change of address."

Bert Wilson, 114 Catalina Avenue, Antioch, California: "After having served the Lord in the city of Antioch, California for nearly three years, I am resigning from this congregation effective in July. I will then, the Lord willing, be working with the brethren at Lewis and Bond Street church in Fresno, California.

The brethren here at 6th and "E" streets in Antioch have been meeting as a congregation for one year. They previously met at 16th and "A" streets, where I was then preaching. After I had been there for twenty months, the pulpit was closed to sound gospel preaching, and I was forced to resign. As a result all the faithful brethren of that congregation left that location and started a sound congregation. They contacted me before I left the city and asked me to preach for them, and I accepted. I have since been accused of leading these brethren off. But such is not the truth.

The brethren here have purchased a lot to build and are preparing plans now for that purpose. They have acquired the services of Brother Pat Broaddus of Sacramento to follow me here. And with the exception of six months, when the church in San Bernardino helped with my support, they have been strictly on their own and self-supporting. They are indeed a zealous, and faithful group of God's children. And my prayers shall ever be with them, wherever I may go.

Anyone wishing to contact me, please note the Fresno address effective after July 15th."


"I attended a special meeting in which Otis Moyer did the preaching, at the Rose Avenue church, Bellflower, California. There were from 450 to 500 present at the service. More than 50 preachers were in attendance, most of whom were from this area. Some attended from as far away as El Centro, San Diego, and Barstow. The topic was "The Work of the Church in Preaching, Edification and Caring for the Needy."

Brother Moyer did an excellent job. He stressed contending for scriptural authority in all that we do. A strong plea was made to study the question, and cease from name-calling unbecoming to a child of God. It was emphasized that this is not a time for disfellowshipping, but for trying to understand each other and study together.

It has been said that all the preachers but a very few (and they are dying out) go along with all the promotional and co-operative brotherhood schemes that are prevalent today.

This meeting, and the preachers present, proved that to be a mistaken idea. By far most of the preachers that attended the meeting were not, and are not in favor of such schemes. Those who were present and are in favor of such ideas saw that a straight-forward and forthright discussion can be had in a very fine spirit.

This meeting, I think, did much good. Such a meeting would do good in any area." Floyd Thompson.

Albert C. Bass, 430-228th S. E., Redmond, Washington: "The work here has gone along exceptionally well this last year. A number have been converted and the financial problems have been taken care of. The church here is supporting me in meetings in Poison, Montana and in Ellensburg, Washington where one of the preachers, trained in the church in Renton has moved to and is establishing the church there. Ellensburg church began seven months ago with Brother Dan Huntley and family and have twenty to twenty five meeting on Sunday in the Y. M. C. A. One man has been baptized and Brother Huntley reports that he has a Bible class in a home with twelve people attending. Brother Huntley's address is Rt. 1, Box 43, Ellensburg, Washington."

Floyd H. Keith, 4525 E. Pontiac Way, Fresno, California: "We have just completed a Gospel Meeting with Brother John Wilson, after which Brother Kermit Nichols resigned. Brother Burt Wilson who has been at Antioch will come to work with us July 16. Brother Leroy Beasley and myself will preach until that time. Incidently, WE HAVE A KITCHEN FOR SALE.

W. Curtis Porter, P. O. Box 195, Monette, Arkansas: "In the recent past I met Brother Kermit Lynch in a four night debate — February 11-14 — at Claremore, Oklahoma, on the questions of Bible classes and women teachers.

And from April 7-10 I met Brother Ralph D. Gage on the same, questions at Norman, Oklahoma.

From April 20-27 I assisted the Hessville church of Hammond, Indiana, in a gospel meeting. Following that I moderated for Brother Glenn L. Shaver in his debate with Brother Olan Hicks at La Porte, Indiana, on the questions of institutionalism and cooperation.

From June 15 to June 25 I am scheduled for a meeting with the church in Humble, Texas.

My blood malady keeps me restricted in my work, and I cannot give full time to meeting work, but I could likely assist some church in a meeting sometime in August if any should desire my service for that time.

I still have the rectal surgery to undergo a little later. And will also have to make the trip to California to the doctors who treat my blood malady."

Glen W. Lovelady, 2167 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, California: "My wife and I started our new work in Alameda, California on May 25, 1958. (Sunday) We witnessed a thrilling Lord's Day, as five responded to the invitation. (two Sunday morning and three Sunday night) two of which were Baptized into their Lord, two confess wrongs and one placed membership. We are looking forward to a great growth (spiritually and also in number). This congregation has three fine Elders, three Deacons, and about 93 members. If you are passing through be sure to stop and worship the Lord with us."