Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 2, 1958
NUMBER 22, PAGE 12-13a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Those brotherhood sisters!

Brother Bob Melear of Culver City, California, recently published some propositions for debate on the "institutional question" in The Shield, the fine little paper which he and others are publishing on the West Coast. Immediately he struck fire. One of the SISTERS in one of California's institutional churches wrote him, accepting the propositions, and desiring to make arrangements for the public discussion at an early date. She wanted to oppose Melear on the polemic platform herself! She said she felt like the debate would "create lots of interest". We opine she is right in that surmise.

Those church names

Here in Ventura, California, (where this page is being written) a church advertises itself as "The Powerhouse Church of God In Christ". And Brother Vester Daugherty of Seattle, Washington, sends us the name of a congregation near Big Bear Lake in California, "The Church of Religious Science And Peace of Mind". We are beginning to notice an increasing number of Baptist Churches out this way that have the word "Conservative" in parentheses under their official title. Churches of Christ aren't the only ones who have a problem with the "liberals"!

From Missouri

In an article entitled "It's The Law In Missouri", appearing recently and dealing with laws governing adoption, the Missouri Bar comments, "Countrywide, there are three or more childless couples seeking each child available for adoption."

Church names, again

And while we are on church names, we have heard of some churches in California advertising themselves as "The Herald of Truth Church of Christ! We approve of that. If any congregation determines that it is going to be anything at all other than a congregation of simple New Testament Christians, it is only fair that they designate themselves by some denominational name.

"I resigned"

He is a faithful gospel preacher, one of the most widely known and highly respected in the brotherhood. Not long ago we asked him what he thought of a certain article appearing in the Gospel Advocate. He replied: "For nearly fifty years I read the Gospel Advocate. But when I realized that it had degenerated into a "smear sheet", making attacks on faithful Christians and giving them absolutely no space to respond or to defend themselves, I quit reading it. I did not see the article you ask about. I have found that I am much happier and can love all my brethren (even Brother Goodpasture) more if I simply do not know of the false and unbrotherly accusations his paper makes against good men. In this course I am following the example, and the advice, of the beloved David Lipscomb."

"J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher"

Once in a gospel meeting Tant received a question through the "Query Box" like this: "Does the Bible teach that a man must have short hair and a woman long hair in order to get to heaven?" Tant, who was bald, replied: "I certainly hope not. Because if it does, things are going to be pretty tough for me and the negro women. They can't grow long hair; and I can't grow short hair." The biography, "J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher" should be in the mails within a couple or three weeks. It will sell for $4.00; but can be had for about another week at the prepublication price of $3.00, provided the money accompanies your order. Order today from the Gospel Guardian, Box 980, Lufkin, Texas.

Women preachers

The Church of Christ is developing quite a rash of "women preachers" in late years. We have seen them at college lectureships preaching sermons to audiences of hundreds of people — both men and women. Quite apart from the scripturalness or unscripturalness of such antics, we have long shared the opinion of old Samuel Johnson that a woman preaching is "simply against nature. It is like a dog walking on his hind legs; they never do it well, but you are surprised that they can do it at all!"

"Several years" — Wow!

Amid, reams and reams of publicity a certain missionary in the Far East returned to the States early this year to raise money for a building program in his city. He came to the Abilene Christian College lectures all steamed up to sweep the audiences off their feet with his appeal for the Far East — and was abruptly told by the Lectureship Director that the lectureship was a "big operation" and he would be allotted only seven minutes at an afternoon panel discussion to present his plea. He says he was almost overcome by "such abrupt, discourteous, inconsiderate treatment" and he feels that his inability to get his plea before the Abilene crowd "set back the cause of Asian evangelism by several years!" Brethren, when any lectureship becomes so powerful in the thinking of missionaries that appearance, or non-appearance, on its platform can make THAT much difference in world evangelism, we have, for all practical purposes, an "official brotherhood convention". Who will deny it?

The aged

Everyone loves an orphan child — so helpless, so appealing, so needful of our care. But there is another who is often overlooked — the aged. We ran across this verse the other day, and would like to pass it on:

"Put your arm around me — There, like that;

I want a little petting, at life's setting,

For 'tis harder to be brave

When old time comes creeping, And finds us weeping,

Loved ones gone;

Just a little petting, at life's setting,

For I'm old, alone, and tired, And my long life's work is done. — Elizabeth Gould

Moyer's heart attack

We have recently had a fine meeting with the El Cerrito, California, church where Brother Lloyd Moyer preaches. Brother Moyer suffered a severe heart attack last December, and for several days was so critically ill that hope was given up for his survival. He did survive, however; and we are happy to report is now well on the road to recovery. More than thirty gospel preachers are now proclaiming the story of the cross because of the influence, encouragement, and training given them by Lloyd Moyer. He has been phenomenally successful in enlisting almost the entire membership of several local churches in "personal evangelism." He is now preparing a series of workbooks and study courses, the fruit of a lifetime of successful work for the Master. All who love the truth will be interested in them, and will look forward to them with keen anticipation. We will make further announcements on this subject later.