Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 2, 1950

"Hitlerism In Religion"

Joe Gilmore, Jr., Oakland, California

I once heard Brother Foy E. Wallace, Jr., say that there is too much "Hitlerism in religion." As I grow older in the gospel, I find that this is a statement of truth. No man can deny it. There are too many preachers and congregations who want to be dictators. Faithful brethren have seen this attitude demonstrated here in the Bay Area. Let us pray that preachers will refrain from preaching "self" and preach the gospel of Christ.

Some preachers try to subject the members to their rule of regimentation. They treat people like they were mere children and not adults. Yes sir, they even go so far as to make the members conform to the preacher's whims and fancies. It is disgusting to see grown people scolded as if they were children. Also, many members act as babies in swaddling clothes just waiting to be picked up in the arms of the preacher and carried to his next position of strife, discord, etc.

It has come to the point that with many preachers there is no such thing as personal liberty with members. When members disagree with dictator preachers they are immediately man-handled, scolded, brow-beaten, hated, and withdrawn from before they have ever been informed that there was to be a withdrawal Ugh! Does this sound like pure religion? No, it has the earmark of "Hitlerism in religion." I hope to see the day hasten when this KINDERGARTEN RULE will have been destroyed and preachers preach the rational gospel of Christ.

When you see a congregation or preacher wanting power and recognition they usually try to become CHAMPIONS OF SOMETHING THAT OTHERS, THEY THINK, SEEM AFRAID TO PREACH ABOUT. When you see this kind of "Hitlerism" fight it with all your might. The fellow who says, "I don't believe in fighting" is a pussy-footer who in effect is saying, "I believe in COMPROMISING." The best way to get rid of the devil is to RESIST HIM.

I have known where elders have made decisions, and these decisions were just and right in the sight of God and brethren, yet these decisions were set aside by just a mere man, a plain ordinary preacher in the form of flesh and no more, call it "popeism", "Hitlerism", or what you may, but it adds up to the same thing: RIGHT AND WRONG HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON.