Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 17, 1958

Recipe For Crying "Anti-Ism"

Wilson Coon, Dickinson, Texas

Take two handfuls of false pride and two handfuls of vain glory, place them in a pot of tradition, boil them over the fire of contention till a thick scum rises to the top.

Carefully skim off the scum, place it in a bottle of deception, cork the bottle with a cork of malice, seal it with the seal of self righteousness and label it with the label of ignorance.

Shake well and take a big dose, sit back and relax for a few hours until it takes effect. When you begin to see double then arise and work it off with all the groans and hypocritical prayers of deceitfulness, with all the prejudice and cowardice of denominationalism and you have a fellow ready to cry: "Anti-Orphan-Home-Preachers," "Anti-Cooperation-Church," "Anti-Radio-Preacher" and "Anti-Good-Works-Brethren."

If in the event the above prescription fails, please pay an office call to "Doctors" Woods, Warren and Deaver; Professional Practitioners, and they will be glad, for a small fee, to send you their Scandal Sheet, guaranteed to bring results in ninety days if you will half way follow instructions.