Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 17, 1958

A Former Student Makes Further Inquiry.

J. Wiley Adams, Decatur, Georgia

Having been a former student of Brother Pat Hardeman and having regarded him with highest esteem and admiration as a man of unusual mental capacity, great courage and conviction with reference to God's Word, I find myself deeply concerned about his "Statement of Conviction" appearing in the pages of the March 13, 1958 issue of the Gospel Advocate. Since Brother Hardeman has indicated by this statement his position relative to the cooperation issue and church support to orphanages, we see no reason why he should not be just as interested in clarifying certain other matters which have "been circulating over the country." I believe that Brother Hardeman owes it to those of us who have formerly been enlisted in his classes, as well as to others, to tell us what he now believes with reference to the following:

(1) Do you believe that Acts 20:7 is an exclusive example of the day on which the Lord's supper was observed by the early church? If not, then what do you believe?

(2) Do you believe that Christians may engage in the modern dance under any or some conditions? If so, please elaborate.

(3) Do you believe that Christians may participate in social drinking (alcoholic beverages) under any or some conditions? If so, please explain.

(4) Do you believe that Christian men and women may wear shorts in public and frequent the public swimming pools?

It is hoped that Brother Hardeman will be so inclined as to enlighten those of us who are wondering about his convictions on these matters in as public a manner as he has acknowledged his views on cooperation and orphan homes. Perhaps the answers he gives to the above questions will in large measure substantiate his denial of modernism or confirm his tendency toward it, since all three of these involve a respect for the authority of the scriptures. So please extend your "statement of conviction," Brother Hardeman. We want to know!