Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 3, 1953

The Overflow


Out of the past

"Did you know that The Guardian has a most auspicious history? In reading from 'Canon and Text of the New Testament' by Gregory, I noted that one of the most celebrated of textual critics, John William Burgon of England, published all of his notes defending the 'Received Text' in The Guardian. This was around 1855. Interesting, eh?"

— Harry W. Pickup, Jr.

Prescott, Arizona Tracts

We have in supply again the splendid little tract by Brother Grover Stevens, "Why I Left the Baptist Church." To date we have printed 90,000 (that's right, ninety thousand) copies of this most excellent teaching. It is used by many churches during gospel meetings — and with results that are often almost sensational. We find that congregations increasingly are using good tracts; and have begun to develop a pretty keen sense of values as to what is good and what is not.

Grave problem in Bloomington Brother Wallace Layton writes us of the grave problem faced by a church in Bloomington, Texas, seven years ago. The crisis arose out of the fact that an oil boom hit the community, and a well was drilled on the church lot. It turned out to be a rich producer, and the congregation was thrown into great perplexity as to what to do with the golden stream flowing into the church treasury. They finally decided to divide the money equally among the members of the congregation, and that no new members would be admitted. Everything worked out to the satisfaction of all. Oh, yes; it was a Primitive Baptist Church.

Dunne-Pickup Discussion In this issue we print the last installments we have of the Dunne-Pickup debate on Catholicism. Professor Dunne is apparently either unwilling or unable (probably the latter) to make any rebuttal arguments to the devastating logic and scripture presented by Brother Pickup. In his last letter to Pickup the priest wrote, "I have already made my apologies to you several times (for the delay). I make them now again. The latest delay was caused by censors .... As you know anything I write for publication has first to pass the inspection of two censors. The two appointed by my Provincial in California took a long time getting around to reading the article." If Professor Dunne is able to submit any further material, we will publish it; if he does not send anything, we will then publish Brother Pickup's resume and summation of the discussion.

Son-Light Readers These last few issues of the Gospel Guardian have gone to several thousand people who were readers of "Son-Light." Many of you have already subscribed to the Gospel Guardian; we hope that others will do so. We welcome you into the family of readers of this journal. Brethren Pickup and Turner will have articles appearing often on these pages.

Recommendation We saw a preacher's "letter of recommendation" not long ago which stated that this brother had great ability in "getting everybody else to work." It reminded us of the attorney in Kansas who swooned when one of the character witnesses for his client (accused of murder) said, "What is Bill's reputation? Why, I'd say he's always a straight shooter."

As Campbell wanted it

"While ever I conduct a press, it shall be a free press! And my readers shall hear both sides. I will always judge for myself, and they shall have the same opportunity."

— Millennial Harbinger, Vol. 1


"Have you seen the figures on the latest ambitions of Abilene: TV and radio ? It will only take 'a thousand congregations each giving $27.00 per week.' That is $27,000.00 per week; $108,000.00 per month; $1,454,000.00 per year. Are you dizzy yet? That would support 270 gospel preachers m the field full time at the rate of $5,200.00 per year.... Are we to be led to understand that one thirty-minute radio and TV program per week is worth more to the cause of Christ than 270 gospel preachers working full time for a year ?"

— Thomas Allen Robertson

Ontario, California Brother preachers

When preachers get together there is bound to be talk. But usually there is one present who is determined to be "the life of the party." And when there are two with the same ambition — well, such an occurrence called forth this comment from the one who was finally out-talked and forced into semi-silence. Under his breath to a brother preacher he muttered, "Brother B — might have typhoid, and recover; he might have pneumonia, and recover; he might have cerebral meningitis, and recover; he might have yellow fever, and recover; but — if he ever had lockjaw, by gad-fry, he'd burst!"

Gentle reminder Our readers have been doing such a good job these past months in sending in renewals and new subscriptions that we almost hesitate to mention it, but — how about sending the Gospel Guardian to a list of friends as a Christmas gift? What could be nicer than to send it to each of the elders in the church (those who do not already receive it)? In clubs of six or more the price is $2.50; otherwise it is $3.00. And again we say, Thanks.

1000 new subscriptions!

That's not our aim; that's what we got from one order! A fine church over in Alabama which has been sending out some two or three hundred copies of Ancient Landmarks each month has been so pleased with the result that they ordered 1000 additional copies to be sent out. We are working now on the list, and will start the papers into the homes of each addressee in January. This is truly a fine away to reach non-Christians with the word of truth. The cost is nominal. Write us for particulars of our unique "Individual mail plan." An ever increasing number of churches are finding it highly satisfactory.