Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 27, 1953

A Pattern To Follow

Glenn L. Wallace, Abilene, Texas

A pattern for centralized control can be found in the following article taken from the Christian Evangelist and written by S. S. Lappin.

"to my mind any expedient is scriptural which gets a scriptural job well done. Or, to say it in different words, we are justified in devising and making use of such means as may be needful to carry out the apostolic programme.

"So believing, I have long held that the presbyterial system is more effective, and therefore, more scriptural, than our methodless procedure ....

"The grouping of congregations in a given and contiguous area in associations of mutual good will and helpfulness is our next great obligation. It may be in counties, as in Southwest Missouri under guidance of a 'county pastor,' or it may be, as in a few instances I have noted, merely a loosely formed committee of 'friendly counselors' under oversight of the county-seat church or the otherwise most influential congregation in the group.

"The rule of 'church boards' must be broken; but something better must be put in its place. Our 'church officers' must learn they are servants with a job, not bosses with authority.

"True, we are a Bible people, but where the Bible does not speak, we are entitled to do so."