Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 23, 1962


Norman, Oklahoma

Dear Brother Tant:

I have talked several times with the Anglican priest here at 100 Mile House. He has said that he is an unhappy Anglican He has agreed to have a public discussion with someone representing the church.

He and some other preachers in the 100 Mile House area plan the last of September to hear the Catholic priest give a paper on some of the beliefs of the Catholic Church. They want to use this means of getting him in a public discussion. He hopes from this to have public discussions among the group.

We urgently feel the need of a gospel preacher here. Could you help us to find some good man who would be interested in working in Canada? He will need support so that he can devote full time to preaching, cottage meetings, public discussions, etc. He should be some man who is well grounded in Christian Evidences because of the prevailing unbelief in the Bible which is characteristic of this section.

There are four members of the church here now — my wife and I and our two older boys. We are trying to decide where to buy property for a church building, which we hope eventually to have in this country. This country is really growing. New schools are being built more and more all the time. A new mine is being opened; the trucks will haul the ore along the road here. Logging is and will be for many years to come a major industry.

This is a pleasant country in which to live. It gets cold in the winter, but it is a dry cold and does not seem severe. The summers are wonderful — days warm and pleasant and the nights cool. Gardens grow here with great variety of the finest produce. It is a new and exciting country — the last great frontier of this sort on the American continent.

Please help us get some good man interested In coming here and helping build the cause of Christ in this new territory!

B. C. Sutton Box 4550

100 Mile House British Columbia, Canada

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Brother Sutton is a school teacher. Opportunities for teachers are excellent in Canada. Who can write him, and consider the possibility of moving to that region?)

Dear Brother in Christ:

I am writing to ask if you can help the little colored church here in Quincy, Florida, to find a tent. We have a young white brother coming out each Sunday after noon at 2:00 P. M., but he has to preach under a small shed. If we could get a tent, we feel like we could reach several of our colored people around here.

Your brother in Christ, J. Philips,

Route 2; Box 323 B Quincy, Florida Dear Brother Tant:

I have just completed most of my work here at the University of Oklahoma toward an advanced degree in Secondary Education and Music. For the past three years I have been a graduate assistant with the University of Oklahoma Band. During this time I have worshipped at the Noble, Oklahoma, congregation, serving also as a song leader and a deacon. I was able to fill in as substitute preacher in the absence of Brother Clayton.

I am looking for employment in a school and am much interested in locating near some sound congregation. I would like to go some place where I might be of some help as song leader or substitute preacher; or perhaps preaching part time for some small congregation unable to support a full-time evangelist.

I am particularly interested in employment in the Music department of a college or junior college. I am qualified to teach all kinds of instrumental music, music theory and music education, as well as other subjects.

If you know of any place where I might fit in and be of use, please let me know.

Paul Mansur WWC Box 4342