Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 23, 1962
NUMBER 16, PAGE 8b,14


Church of Christ, 2051 W. 236th St., Torrance, Calif. After many years in a rented store building, the church in Lomita, Calif., has moved into a new building of their own. July 1, 1962, marked the beginning of the work of this church in their new building, which is located at the above address. Please take notice of this new location and when in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, worship with us.

H. L. Davis, Box 173, York, Ala. Walter Henderson just closed a fine meeting for us here in York. There was one restoration. This is the only sound church in the county. My work will be finished here in September. I would like to hear from small churches that are in need of a preacher. Must be sound, no institutional or middle-of-the-road please. If you want a man who is not afraid to work, please write.

George Calton, 522 West 15th Street, Portales, New Mexico. We would certainly appreciate it if you would put it in the Guardian that we are seeking the services of an evangelist to work with us here at Portales, N. M., at the University Drive Congregation. Anyone interested may contact us by writing the above address.


TECATE B. C. MEXICO: FIVE MORE BAPTISMS HERE SISICCE LAST REPORT.... As our liberal brethren would say, "The Tecate church is indeed on the march," but NOT by promoting innovations, ideas and institutions of men, but by the preaching of the Gospel of Christ by the local church, planting the seed into good and honest hearts where it takes root, springs up and bears fruit. Thanks unto God for this additional increase. The brethren here continue to have Bible classes daily. Once again I preached to "overflow crowds" in the living room of Bro. Santos Gomez's humble home (local preacher) on the theme of MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE at the morning hour on Lord's Day the 22nd. They were impressed with the simple New Testament teaching that the bishops of the Lord's church must be married men, as compared to the bishops of the Catholic Church, and their bishops being single men. The wonderful Mexican people surely appreciate the simplicity of the Bible and their understanding of it is wonderful to see, especially since all of their lives they have been taught that all religious questions must be answered by the local priest, and his interpretation must be rendered. These brethren are going strong in their building program, and as we reported last month the church at Ocean Beach, Calif., where bro. Jim Middleton, Sr., preaches, is helping them on it. Thus, there is no more need here. The local preacher here (bro. Gomez) needs about $40 or $50 per month more support which some church could supply if they would as he has had high doctor bills with a sick wife, four children, and another coming on. If you can help, and if you wish more details you may write him directly in Spanish or write me in English, and you can send your assistance direct to him. (Phil. 4)

SAN LUIS R.C., SONORA, MEXICO: I have been teaching three lessons per week here with plans going forward to increase classes to six per week, within the very near future. Continue to pray for this work and bro. Villegas (the fine young local preacher), as it is a very difficult field. If anyone knows of a good pickup truck in good working order that he can pay for on terms, please let us know, as the work here is becoming more and more extended and transportation is needed, thus allowing more time to teach.

SONOYTA, SONORA, MEXICO: Just a little more to do on the building before it is completely finished. Fidel Cisneros (local preacher) is now receiving his full support, so he no a need, thanks to a good God and our generous Word has its the trailer court across the border at Lukeville, Arizona, U.S.A., (84 miles south of Gila Bend and 125 miles south of Phoenix. and 162 miles west and south of Tucson) will be completed sometime between September 15 and October 15. At that time, my wife and I will be living in a 36 foot second-hand trailer that we have purchased in addition to our travel camper. The 36 foot trailer will be "home" (headquarters), while the smaller accommodation will be our "home" while doing our regular evangelistic work up and down this far west border. We have been using the small unit for several weeks. In fact, this report is being written on the kitchen table at Lukeville. We bought this equipment after much thought, consideration and prayer, and at the suggestion of various other preaching brethren after they had been here and seen and realized the need. As possibly some of you know from your own experience, it is somewhat difficult to plan work with no specific commitments for a specified time from some of the churches, but in view of this, we have launched out on faith anyway, knowing that God is pleased with us when we have this faith (Heb. 11:6), trusting in Him for all our needs, informing our brethren, then "waiting on Him." We earnestly solicit your prayers, brethren, that our work of faith and labor of love will continue to bear fruit for our blessed Lord, and that all our needs will be met. We pray that the supporting brethren will realize that any good work, before it can be put into effect, must be planned, then worked. An ideal situation for any worker in the field would be a one year minimum commitment in order that he can know how to make his plans. Will you seriously consider our request after much prayer over the matter?

CABORCA, SONORA, MEXICO: Bro. Jose Olivas, local preacher, is in need of three more individuals, who send him the small sum of $10 per month each, whereby he can devote more time away from his candy business to the Lord's work. Sister Olivas recently underwent surgery costing several hundred dollars. If you wish more details, please write.

John A. Thurman, 3042 Meade Street, Columbus, Georgia. I completed my first year with the South End Church in Columbus the middle of June. The congregation here was begun over three years ago by the Rose Hill Church in this city, which still sends support for the building loan; and partial support is also received from the Franklin Road Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The church here was meeting in a community building, but a year ago today we met for the first time in our basement building located at 3942 Victory Drive, near the Traffic Circle on highways 27, 280, south of the city near Fort Benning. This congregation meets less than a mile from Main Post of Fort Benning (nearest other congregation is about five miles away in other parts of city) and the membership is about ninety per cent army personnel, retired army, and/or their families.

Since I have been working with the congregation, ten have been baptized and four restored; two baptisms as a result of the radio program begun in January over Radio Station WGBA, 1270 kc., every Sunday morning from 8 to 8:30 a.m. During the year forty have identified themselves with the congregation and in the same period twenty-eight have moved in addition to over a hundred members of the church who come to Fort Benning for a few weeks or months but never identify themselves with any congregation. The present membership is 58.

I would be interested in conducting at least one Gospel meeting during the late summer or fall as well as be available to preach elsewhere next year.

Bill Echols, 169 Main Street, East Orange, N. J.: There were no responses during our meeting in Unity, Maine, July 2-8. In East Orange we had two added by restoration during July.

Herbert Thornton, Baton Rouge, La.: We just closed a Gospel meeting and Vacation Bible School at the Perkins Road Congregation. Bro. Dave Fraser of Bell, Fla., was the guest speaker in this series of meetings. He presented the word of God in a very fine and forceful way. Interest was good in the meeting and school.

C. D. Plum, 217 S. 1st Avenue, Paden City, W. Va.: "After about July 1, 1963, I shall be located with a small congregation in W. Va., Lord willing. It will be a big help to me to schedule two or three good meetings after that date in '63, also in '64, etc. It would help me stay in the eastern field where true gospel preachers are needed. The work in Paden City is fine. Another restoration July 22nd. Will you think this over and write me here in Paden City?