Vol.IX No.I Pg.2
March 1972

Going On Nine!

Robert F. Turner

With this issue of Plain Talk we begin our ninth year of publication. It is somewhat of a mystery to me how all those articles could have been written, and I chill at the prospect of having to produce future material at this rate; but poco poco (little by little) we shall make the effort. Bro. Dan Shipley, local preacher for the Oaks—West church, Burnet, is a steady partner in this effort; and we lean heavily on bros. Jim Everett and Joe Fitch for back—up material. We all deeply appreciate your letters of encouragement, and your questions.

Our policy is more than that. We believe followers of Christ must use every available opportunity to teach, Gods truth, in season and out of season. We speak plainly, because we wish to be understood. We try to re­spect the rights of all, and maintain a proper attitude, because we love the souls of men, and want to show them the spirit of Christ. If we fail in any of these things it is through weakness of the flesh, and not of our intent. We ask your assistance.

If you differ with us we will make reasonable efforts to study with you. (Sorry, there is no time for lengthy private written debates.) If your ob­jection warrants public attention, we will devote one—half of an issue of Plain Talk to an equal—space written discussion. Details sent on request.

We make no claim to scholarship, unusual ability, insight, or judgement. We want only to be Gods children, earnestly endeavoring to do Gods work, in Gods way.