Vol.VII No.VI Pg.2
August 1970

The Money Trap

Dan S. Shipley

Preachers, Satan has set a trap for you, and its effectiveness is attested by the fact that hundreds of your fellow—creatures are already in the bag. We must open our eyes!!

Our work is to save souls, including our own. This is justified by faith in divine revelation. But Satan would have us think we meet a professional need, with social justifications only. Right here, in your understanding of your calling, is the crux of the whole matter. Do you serve God, or the the people?

Your support is the fellowship of taught with teacher (Gal. 6:6);you live of the gospel, (1 Cor. 9:6-14). But Satan plants the idea of salary for services rendered — so much work for so much pay — no pay, no work. One may play with words here, or fail to see the obligation of mutual agreement, but the basic idea remains. God wants you to work for Him, with support a fruit of your planting; while Satan wants you a hireling of mammon.

So Satan baits his trap with money. Neglect your studies, and sell mutual funds! Call on your neighbor, and sell insurance. Use your influence to promote some merchandising scheme. As though Paul went to the synagogue on the Sabbath to meet tent customers. I am nearing the age when one realizes his best days are numbered, and physical break-downs remind us of possibilities our youth rejected. I am trying to hedge against material needs of the future, and I understand the feelings of preachers who see others (including brethren) rake in twice the preachers support, with half the effort, and no more ability. (And for salt in the wound, many of them skip worship to do it.) But the true servant of God hurts more through concern for their spiritual sickness, and works the harder to bring them back to Christ. He doesnt join them in taking Satans bait.

And if brethren inadequately support the preacher, they need straight preaching on the subject. They will take it from a God-serving soldier of the cross — and I believe God-serving saints will make it right. Those kind make a God-serving team.

Jim Everett, Whose parents live in Burnet, has returned from three years preaching in Australia, and is now working for the Lake Jackson, church. He has agreed to assist in writing for Plain Talk, and he andwill make welcomed additions to the P.T. staff. Jims first contribution is on page 3.