Vol.VII No.V Pg.1
July 1970

God Loves Even Me

Robert F. Turner

It is hard to love an alcoholic. Wives have tried, and cried! The heart longs for tender- ness, and receives a cursing rebuke. Efforts to please go unnoticed; his special dish which was prepared with loving care is cold and uneaten, as he tarries at the bar. Or, a husband finds the mother of his children in a drunken stupor, while the baby sobs pitifully.

The alcoholic sobers, and weeps bitter tears of remorse. He is forgiven, and everyone pledges a new start — and a few hours later we discover that there were cold checks out even while we were seeking to work off the last indebtedness. The savings released to pay those checks is spent on more alcohol instead — and, if we raise our voice in exasperation, we are told that this eternal nagging drives him to drink.

There is no love like mothers love — and I have known mothers to shake with emotion as they pondered the unanswered problem. One mother acknowledged that her only peace was the uneasy rest she experienced while her son was in prison. There, he has food, and a bed, she said, and I know where he is. Still, she sought his release — and was hurt again.

The wife pretends not to hear the neighbors talk about her husbands unfaithfulness, and the husband tries to see his youthful bride in place of the slothful old sot who sprawls on the divan while he straightens the house. Until human endurance reaches its limit! Until love is smothered, and its embers glow only in fitful memories that come to haunt dreams. Yes, it is hard to love an alcoholic!

But God loves alcoholics! While they were yet drinking, He gave His Son to die for them. (Rom. 5:6-10) God does not love their ways, but he does love them, and His unselfish love has prompted many an alcoholic to change his ways and obey the Lord so that his sins may be forgiven. (Acts 2:38)

Im glad God loves alcoholics — and the rest of us sinners who get hung up on pride, fleshly appetite, money, etc., until we act toward God like the alcoholic toward his family. Do you dare make the comparison??