Vol.VII No.III Pg.8
May 1970

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

The old man was bedfast, and his wife was fretting about the house, seeking to please. He called his wife to his side, and said, Mandy, out in the barn, behind the feed bin, there is a brown bottle. I want you to get it, crush some ice and fill a glass, sprinkle powdered sugar over the ice, bruise several mint leaves and place them in the ice, then pour contents of that bottle over the whole. Let it set until frost begins to form on the side of the glass — and then, Mandy, I want you to make me drink it!

Im in Kentucky for some meetings, and thats a Kentucky story if I have ever heard one. Dont blame me if I used the wrong recipe — I dont know too much about Mint Juleps — but I can guarantee the spirit of the story. And Kentucky isnt the only place where people like to pretend they are making some great sacrifice, taking some terrible potion, when in reality, they enjoy every bit of it.


That is the heading of a display ad from a Bowling Green, Ky. newspaper. A Baptist church there is featuring a Black Belt, Judo and Karate Instructor with Live demon- strations including breaking 10 of concrete with his hand and head, and thrusting a nail through 2 of wood with his fist. Of course, this is all done FOR CHRIST!!

If that means what it has meant in past demonstrations of like nature, this Black Belt man will break a few concrete blocks, and then witness for Christ, whatever that may mean. (See Vol. 6, No. ii.)

Some liberal brethren who follow the same tactics — with golf pros, TV and movie stars, or prominent political figures for the star attraction — are sadly out-booked. Who is going to worship (worship??) where a golf pro makes a little speech, when they can go on down the street and see a Karate expert break 10 of concrete with his head and hand? And who — who indeed — is going to give up either of these attractions in order to hear the gospel of Christ proclaimed? Ill tell you who will hear the gospel, and hunger for more. The few who are striving for a heavenly home.

To the heaven-bound, this self- serving piety, the Fun & Frolic worship, is about as useful as a $5. gift certificate from a Funeral Home.