Vol.VII No.III Pg.1
May 1970

Little Stories (About A Lot Of People)

Robert F. Turner

A factory spewed toxic fumes over a community, and the smog problem became acute. Something must be done.

Joe pled with the public to become better stewards, to respect Gods creation, and their fellow-men. He urged fair dealing with manufacturers and consumers alike, recognizing the joint responsibilities of consumers and producers in a society that demands (though perhaps selfishly) our current standard of living. Joe sought to touch the public conscience and, by legal and orderly means, to solve an immediate problem with principles that would extend to the solution of problems yet unborn. Joe got nowhere!! — or so it seemed.

Bill became interested in the smog problem because it was hot news, and served well his political aims. He encour- aged a mob to break factory windows, storm the governors mansion and shout obscenities at his political opponent — whom he falsely accused with taking bribes from big business. Bill pulled strings to high places, and closed the factory!! Flushed with victory, and with the gratitude of a public relieved from the immediate smog problem, Bill won the election. And, while his mob organization was intact, he launched a campaign to ruin several other factories that were in competition with his private interests.

The strings he pulled, to swing the first job, were elastic — and had a counter-pull. Now that he was in a power position, certain requests had to be granted — and pollutions far more damaging to the public than that of the first problem, had to be ignored. They came from factories belonging to the powers who put him in office. But Bill got his cuts and died a very wealthy and influential man. (Choked to death on a $5. cigar)

Joe died in obscurity, little mourned. There were other problems. Trees were stunted, grasses withered, and old folk smothered in their sleep. Only one remembered Joes plea (Matt. 7:12) and was determined to carry on. I dont know his name, but unborn children may live to celebrate it.