Vol.VII No.XII Pg.2
February 1971

Pass The Milk

Jim R. Everett

A couple of decades ago Issues arose that demanded a new look at our studying and teaching habits. We had continued to fight yesterdays battle and parrot arguments from the past. We waged war on the retreating denominations and neglected grounding the converts in a thorough knowledge of the truth. It became obvious that critical and detailed work needed to be done. Dedicated men rose to meet the challenge, and the years have developed some fine Bible students among us, capable of teaching and discussing the most technical subjects. Many brethren also became enthusiastic students. Generally we profited from good research and serious study. Of course, we al so developed some knot-heads who pretend scholarship to advance their pet speculations.

Community trends, however. are the opposite — toward abysmal ignorance of the Bible. Sectarian preachers are almost exclusively concerned with social and political problems. They do not even teach what little they know about the Bible. Many liberal minded brethren are to busy promoting brotherhood projects and being congregational pastors to do more than warm-up a borrowed sermon outline. The result? General ignorance of even basic Bible history and principles.

Now to the point. We need good challenging lessons for mature brethren who study. But it is no reflection on a preachers scholarship or ability to also preach the basics in terms that even a child can understand. In studies aimed at unbelievers we need elementary lessons. A technical Greek word study is hardly going to help a fellow who does not know who came first — Moses or Paul. Feed the full grown on strong meat but serve the unbelievers and babes in Christ some good wholesome milk (Heb. 5:12. 14).


Jan. 18 was the big day. Brother Turner left Burnet for Australia and is currently busy (what else for him) in meetings there. Also, on Jan. 18 the Shipley's left Arizona to begin working with the Oaks—West congregation in Burnet. The same day the Fitch family bid sad farewell to home and friends in Burnet to work with the Laurel Heights church in McAllen. Texas. So — a real fruit -basket- turnover.

I will be Plain Talk editor in Roberts absence. The editors shoes seem uncomfortably oversize, but I am fortunate to have two good writing helpers inverett andJoe Fitch, 1616 N. 6th. McAllen. Texas