Vol.VII No.XI Pg.8
January 1971

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see! That was the advice some cynical father gave his small son. Then, standing him on the table he said, Jump off, and I will catch you.

The boy jumped, but his father moved back and allowed him to strike the floor. When the boy began to cry his father said, 1 told you, dont trust anyone! This is not my idea of a healthful attitude, but I must admit that we live in a deceptive age.

It is even difficult to believe advertising. We returned from travels to find some kind of bug in the bathroom. A bottle of antiseptic was near by — one that claims to kill millions of germs on contact — and I figured if it could kill millions of little bugs, it certainly should kill one big bug. So, I poured some on the varmint. Didnt seem to bother him. But I will say I never knew that bug to have a sore throat.

One of our poets has said, Things are not what they seem; and I think that is true. This doesnt mean, however, that we must be deceitful. Nor is all uncertainty the fault of others. Sometimes we deceive ourselves, by jumping to unwarranted conclusion. For example, I visited with a rancher and watched his two sons mix dehydrated milk, wash nipples, and hand-feed a bunch of orphan calves. The wind was cold, and the boys were unhappy with their lot. The rancher said, Bro. Turner, these calves will put my boys through college.

The calves looked good, but I expressed doubt that they would make that much money. The rancher laughed, Im not thinking of selling them. My boys will go through college rather than stay home and feed them.

In the midst of all the worlds deceit, confusion, double-talk and misunder- standing, there should be an oasis — a people whos yea is yea. and whos nay is nay; whos word is as good as their bond. A people who seek to avoid misunderstandings by open conduct; appeal to Gods word for guidance. and pray for strength. Brother — sister — if you are not a part of that oasis can you really say you are serving the divine purpose?

Stuff — is on the lighter side of life (actually, we never saw that bug again) but our purpose is serious. Do not fool yourself, and miss heaven.