Vol.V No.XII Pg.3
February 1969

A Talking Dollar

Robert F. Turner

Money does talk! Listen to it.

A brother leaves his fine house, drives to the building in a new car, brushes his $150 suit, and with a grand flourish drops in his dollar, loudly proclaiming, "This Is How I Have Been Prospered".. thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God (ACT.5:4). Remember Ananias and Sapphira? What a clutter of corpses might result from such action today. Nevertheless, a place is prepared for all liars (REV.21:8).

My gift says, "This is what I think of my blessings". A new groom asked what he owed the preacher. "Oh, whatever it was worth to get her". In jest, the young man offered a quarter. "Wait! I will get your change.

"People would like the Lord to set a fixed amount — like the law (10%). Instead the Lord says, "Give according to what you think your blessings are worth". A man's gift eloquently speaks of his estimate of material blessings, forgiveness, the right to pray, the fellowship of saints, and all spiritual blessings in Christ.

Oh, oh, there comes that well dressed fellow again. "Here is a $1; just keep the change". Ugh.

My contribution says, "This is what I want to give". Never give more than you want to. Regardless what you "drop in the plate" you will only get "credit" for what you want to give — like the fellow who gave $10 thinking it was $1.

A hand exposing a diamond studded watch is raised. "How much do I have to give?" He wants to give as little as possible. If he thinks he can go to heaven on 50 cents, he will get change for his dollar. Doubtless, some give a dollar "bill" only because it does not clink. But remember, God knows what you want to give — and why.

In contrast, many in Jerusalem sold all they had — not because they had to; they wanted to. See ACT.5:4. The Macedonians "abounded. to the riches of liberality" as they asked "us with much entreaty that we would receive the gift" (2CO.8:1-). They did not want to be left out; they begged to give. Such gifts are always enough.

Again, it says, "This is the measure of my love". Giving is the test of professed love. Many say, "I love the lost" or "I love the brethren". Lets see — put them to the test.

Brethren are destitute of food and clothing. Their needs are made known. That well dressed fellow squirms and impatiently buttons his coat over a bulging waistline. He scowls, drums his fingers on a song book, thinking, "I will give my dollar if he will just hush and let us go home". Read 1JO.3:16,17. "How dwelleth the love of God in him?"

Paul was put to the test. Even his sincere efforts to save men were maligned. Yet he offered all and reserved nothing. "And I will gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved" (2CO.12:15).