Vol.V No.X Pg.1
December 1968

Grow Up, Kids!

Robert F. Turner

Immaturity is one of the five deadly factors which the presiding judge of a California Domestic Relations Court has listed as most likely to destroy teenage marriages. The writer of a Readers Digest article (Nov. 68) which quotes the judge, defines immaturity as self centeredness, inability to compromise, to rise above hurt feelings, to postpone immediate pleasures in favor of future benefits, or to do unpleasant chores when they need to be done, etc.

Immaturity ranks high as a deadly actor in spiritual divorce too, as experience clearly shows. The spats of brethren are often practically identical with those of a bunch of kids — calling names at one another over the back yard fence. And when the mud is exhausted they run home to dad — the devil. (Jn. 8:44)

Re-read the characteristics of immaturity. all closely related to self - centeredness: inability to compromise. Raise an eyebrow? Well simmer down child, and let it be said that marriages do not work well on the compromise of principle either. But all together work demands the ability to give in to one-another — submitting Paul calls it. (Eph. 5:21) If you havent learned that, you will not remain married to Christ for long.

Have your feelings been hurt? They have if you have feelings — and dont expect sympathy from a preacher. But you are self-centered indeed if you think others are not having to control the feeling you have hurt. They may even now be biting their tongue to keep from telling you off about your childishness. (Ouch!)

So you'll just quit— just like a kid. It is not uncommon to hear of brethren Ieaving a sound church and supporting by presence and means a church they acknowledge to he in error, because so-and-so is a hypocrite. Somehow it never dawns on them that their own action is hypocritical.

Marriage, to Christ or to one-another — in the home or in the church, is a sixty-sixty proposition. Learn— to live in that over-lap is the key to success as a Christian — and that demands maturity. (Eph. 4:12-16)