Vol.IV No.VIII Pg.2
September 1967

The Lord Willing ...

Robert F. Turner

In 1962 when your editor moved to Burnet, Tex. he felt he had found a place he could call "home." He told the Burnet elders he wished to build a house here, and following a reasonable tenure of work with the Burnet church, would like to make this "headquarters" for a future work of meetings, writing, etc. Mutual agreements were reached on such phases of this plan as would effect local work. This writer is aware that there may be "many a slip 'twixt cup and lip'," but he has proceeded to put foundation beneath this dream.

Vivian and I built "Rocky Roost II" -- much of it literally with our own hands -- and love every rock and thorn on the place. Now we launch the second phase of the plan -- announcing my desire to do full-time meeting and lecture work, beginning June 1968. In anticipation of this move, I have already scheduled sixteen (16) meetings for '68; and have several more tentatively scheduled. (These are from California to Maryland, deep-south Texas to Illinois.) I can not schedule any more meetings for early 1968, for I have promised the Burnet church all time not already allotted, until another preacher can be moved to Burnet. I have a few weeks open in late summer, and after middle of November; and of course in following years.

The Burnet church is now discussing the possibility of subsidizing this work, especially in those fields where meetings will not be self-supporting; and perhaps something can be worked out. Their interest, love, and willingness to sacrifice are fully appreciated. But at this writing I have no firm commitment along this line; even though I know this is regarded as a practical necessity by those who have done such work. Maybe I am not very practical. I just know there are hundreds of small struggling conservative groups that need assistance, and multiple areas without a sound church; and I would like to offer my services. I will count on making my way with the support more able churches will give, and thank God for it.

I do not know how long I will follow this plan. Much will depend upon the good I feel is being accomplished; as well as my health and capacity for the punishment that goes with it. (I have followed this course before, so do not begin the journey blindly.)

The Burnet church plans to continue publication of PLAIN TALK as part of their teaching program, and I have promised to continue writing it. The plan and policy of PLAIN TALK will be unchanged; even to making editorials like this few and far between.