Vol.IV No.VII Pg.8
August 1967

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Several years ago a certain section of Texas was at the crossroads, so far as divine approval for its saints was concerned. Liberally dotted with churches not yet imbued with the "on the march" philosophy, and basically conservative in attitude, there was reason to hope this section would be spared the digressive blight rapidly spreading over much of the brotherhood.

One church, strong numerically and financially, and in a position to wield an influence for good; had a preacher who knew the truth well, and to whom many brethren looked for scriptural guidance. A majority of the elders were sound in the faith, and willing to stand firmly for congregational independence and divinely authorized church work, free of all social gospel and institutional entanglements.

But the preacher lacked courage. He posed as a soldier of the cross, but apparently the thoughts of battle terrified him. Then too, he had to think of his financial stake, and of his "position" as a popular preacher. He persuaded himself that "peace at any price" was a bargain, so he refrained from pointed application of God's truth to the errors of the day. He fired many a shot, but from a safe distance, and at vague and indefinite targets. He seldom hit anything.

So liberal attitudes grew. The spiritual fiber of the church waned; and when the preacher was dismissed an avowed liberal replaced him. Other churches in the area followed suit, and Jesus wept.

For in the long ago, in another section, a man knew the truth and felt keenly His responsibility to preach it. From house to house, publicly and privately, He spoke boldly. Given opportunity, He pled His cause. Denied opportunity, He made an opening. He challenged the traditions of established religions, and exposed their hypocrisies.

He was threatened but to no avail. They couldn't fire Him, for He had never been for hire. Economic pressures could scarcely be applied to a man who had no place to lay His head.

So they crucified Him!


Once a Judas, casting silver,

Freed his soul, that never died;

And a Peter, hearing cock crow,

Viewed himself --- and cried!: