Vol.IV No.VI Pg.7
July 1967

Queries And Answers

Robert F. Turner

Dear bro. Turner:

Please give us a simple explanation of the "chosen people" Why are the Jews God's chosen race? LP


Think with me! "God is no respecter of persons: but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him." (Acts 10:34-35) "Think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham as our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham." (Matt. 3:9)

The Jews are not God's chosen race today; nor is any other literal race or nationality. But there was a time when the Israelites (used interchangeably in NT, Armstrong not-with-standing) were a chosen race. (Deut. 7:6-8) And why? "Because He would keep the oath which he sware unto your fathers ---."

If the Son of God was to put on flesh, become a man, some family, race, and nation would be involved. God did not choose to send His Son of an existing nation, but literally developed a special people through which the Christ would come, and all nations would be blessed. This development began when He called Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees. (Gen. 12:1-3)

There are two phases to the Abrahamic promise: (1) Abraham's descendants would form a great nation, having certain lands (Gen. 15:18-f); and (2) among his descendants would be one through whom all nations would be blessed. Paul says this one was Jesus Christ. (Gal. 3:14-16) God fulfilled His promise concerning the lands (Josh. 21:43-f) although the Israelites later forfeited their rights by disobedience. (Josh.23:15-f) The people, with their holdings, were broken "as one breaketh a potter's vessel, that cannot be made whole again" (Jer. 19:1-10); but a "remnant" was preserved, out of which Jesus was born. (Isa.1:9 10:20-f 9:6-7)

"The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham" Thus begins Matthews account of Christ. God's Son "took on him the seed of Abraham" (Heb. 2:16) and thus the purpose of the literal "chosen nation" was accomplished. Yes, Israel was "chosen" FOR THE PURPOSE OF BRINGING CHRIST INTO THE WORLD. There are other subsidiary purposes, but this was the main one. And this special selection has served its end.

When "all nations" could be saved "in Christ" these saved ones were given the appropriate name of the "Israel of God." (Gal.6:16) Neither nation, station in life, nor sex are "chosen" as such; but those individuals of any nation, station or sex who put their trust in Jesus Christ receive the blessings promised through the "seed of Abraham" Note Gal. 3:26-29!

Also, appropriately enough, these Christians of every nation are called the "chosen generation" (1 Pet. 2:9) and a comparison will show that Peter applies the statements of Deut. 7:6-8, and like passages elsewhere, to describe these Christians.

God invites "who-so-ever-will" to be His chosen people. (Acts 2:21-41)