Vol.IV No.VI Pg.2
July 1967

Where Are 'We' Going?

Robert F. Turner

"Fiery Ira" (in his bright red coat) gave a rousing speech at David Lipscomb College chapel, so I am told. He reminded the students that he was the "highest paid preacher in Tennessee," (said the "antis" were anti everything except ante-up) and he prayed, "Lord, bless all of us who have Ph.D.-s." And this ridiculous spectacle is considered by some (See Lovell's paper, Action) as a great leader of the saints of God.

In the Jan. 2,'66 issue of the bulletin of the Riverside church of Christ, Wichita, Kansas, was the following report: "We had a Christmas a Christmas service at Riverside on Sunday night. It was simple and lovely. Uncle Osie, an old Negro gentleman with white hair, lit a couple of candles and gathered several of our youngsters around him and told them the story of Jesus ... a small chorus was directed by Bob Scott. Two sang solos. Every song was a tribute to what Christ has meant to our world ... During the Christmas songs only candles burned around us ... we sat and meditated on the miracle of Jesus."

Extreme examples?? Well, you can think so if you want to keep your head in the sand; but I could fill this paper with such examples, month after month, if I could stomach the mess. BRETHREN, WHERE ARE "WE" GOING?

But you may say, "We have not done anything like that in the congregation of which I am a member!" I am so glad to hear it. Will your preacher openly oppose such conduct; and will your elders back him in the opposition?? It would be interesting to hear the scriptural principles upon which the opposition is presented. Many churches have already accepted the idea that the church can do anything the individual can do; -- and on the old dodge that "the church building isn't sacred" (as if anyone had said that it was) are ready to house, sanction, and support social and domestic functions. Many a church has its neck on the block, ready for the liberal ax, but are blissfully unaware of their predicament.

And "Fiery Ira" is the shining star of the "On the March" churches; (he originated that expression) and of the colleges that train your ministers and elders, and your youth. With such a model, just how do you plan to check the "march?"

And what would you do if you were a member of a church that endorsed and took part in such a program as that in Wichita? Object?? That would make you an "Anti!" Worship elsewhere?? Naughty, naughty!! Church-splitter!!