Vol.IV No.V Pg.5
June 1967

Christian S.F.T.P.O.C.

Robert F. Turner


We must organize a Society For The Protection of Children! Ours will be the noble task of redeeming youth; of re-establishing high ideals; of tender loving care for the homeless. We will work with the schools, the community clubs, the civil courts, and all other philanthropic efforts to upgrade society -- but OUR SOCIETY will make the closest contacts of all. We will deal directly, intimately, with youth -- from the very day of birth, through each moment, hour, and day of the formative life.

We will attack current disrespect for law and order at its very roots. While the child is highly impressionable, and before subversive elements in society can misdirect his "gang" instincts; we will capture the mind of youth with a proper relationship of authority, justice, and love.

Reward and punishment must be upgraded from their role as psychiatric tools. We will remove from punishment any hint of vengeance; and will make reward a delightful experience which we will share with the child; for our wards shall know the fruit of love.

OUR SOCIETY will be closely knit in its purpose; but will be broken into small units, individually housed, and operated independently. Each unit will have at its head two adults, a man and a woman. (If this arrangement sounds a bit cozy, we must admit to certain personal benefits which we hope to derive from this SOCIETY.) The man will serve as head of the unit, but must accept commensurate responsibilities. The woman will respect the leadership of the man, yet will benefit by a 60-60 arrangement, whereby each gives in to the other in order to form a perfect union.

Our "Society For The Protection Of Children" will lean strongly on a program of prevention. Foreseeing the pitfalls of materialistic concepts we shall stress spiritual values; both by precept and example. Our manual of operation states clearly, "bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." But this manual also protects the rights of children, even as it imposes obligations. (Eph. 6:1-4)

The core of our philosophy is pure and genuine love; but its operation will be lubricated by the novel and somewhat drastic principle of "work." Extensive testing in the laboratories of the world has proven the fantastic properties of this little-known element, in preserving and strengthening the society unit, and providing adequate finances and abundant happiness for all concerned.

Where SFTPOC (pronounced "sftpoc") has been honestly tried, there has been an amazing drop in juvenile delinquency. Civil disorder has been sharply curbed; and independence, scholarship, and patriotism have been restored. Adults and young people alike rejoice in blessed SELF-RESPECT.

Little wonder then, that we desire to establish units of SFTPOC throughout this country, and abroad. Eternal security ofttimes depends on it. This marvelous unit is called, "home."