Vol.IV No.V Pg.2
June 1967

(Who Done It? -- Continued)

Robert F. Turner


"B" did not know "A" and had no contact with him whatsoever. In one Texas community bro, C did it all; for this little known but sound gospel preacher presented "The Work Of the Church" with scriptures, instead of A.C.C. bulletins.

Early in the nineteenth century many thought Alexander Campbell originated the "church of Christ." They did not see that the Lord's church exists potentially wherever God's unadulterated truth is preached; exists actually wherever people submit to this truth, and work and worship according to its pattern; -- and, may cease to exist wherever this "first love" for the Lord dies and people no longer function according to divine instructions. (Rev. 2:4-f)

This is not to say that people have no influence in the matter. As preachers, writers, elders, etc., we all have some influence -- for good or bad. There have been, and there will be again, false teachers who "overthrow the faith of some." But if asking for Bible authority means trouble, the querist is not the cause.

It is provincialism, with some self-centeredness, that makes us view history as though it were wrapped around our little world. It also indicates we tend to view the church from a "party" rather than from the scriptural point of view. After all, what does the "who" and "when" of our generation have to do with the great principles involved? THE IMPORTANT THING IS WHAT -- WHAT IS TRUE TO GOD'S WORD? The time spent blaming others could be used applying truth to self. WHEN, INDEED!!!

I've heard dozens of drinkers and smokers say "I can quit any time I want to -" "I can take it or leave it alone." But seldom do they "want" to - seldom do they "leave it alone." Frequently this talk about will power is just windy boasting - to cover up the weakness they know is present. I am disgusted with their practice, but their weakness evokes pity.

And there are hundreds of church members who have become involved with the liberal practices of our day who think - or say - they can "leave it" anytime they wish. "We are not bound to the benevolent societies, or to Herald of Truth --" they say. We will go just so far, and no farther."

But one thing leads to another. In "support" of one institution they accept its subsidiaries. To avoid appearing "Anti" they "go along" with the promoters. "We don't like it BUT!" "We'll quit when --" WHEN, INDEED??