Vol.III No.VIII Pg.8
September 1966

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

When they built the big dam, some men came in from the backcountry to take their first "paying" job. The regular crew noticed one young fellow, friendly enough until noon, but then he withdrew to a distant shade to eat.

They urged him to join the group and he explained: "Ain't had no pay check yet; but soon's I get me one of them blue buckets, with some round meat 'n loaf bread I'll eat with you."

All he had was a shoebox full of ham, chicken, and soda biscuits.

That poor boy probably worked like a dog to get enough money to move to the city; where he spent the best part of his life working like a dog, so he could retire to the country. He was one of the millions who do not know when we are "well off."

Ambition makes a man restless, and ambition for the right goal is a fine thing. When life is seen in proper perspective -- "a vapor that appeareth for a little time" (Jas. 4:13-f) -- we may make our plans to use our time wisely. A man with a dream; active, building, carefully fitting each block into the foundation of that dream to make it -- that man is a sight to behold, and a force hard to stop. This is meaningful restlessness. But running from ourselves is fruitless; and how can we hope to make good with assets yet unfound, if we refuse to see and use the assets we now possess.

I dare you to make a list of the ten most desirable features in that "dream life" of yours. Who does it include? (Yes, people are essential elements.) Where is it located? How could you bring it about? (Be realistic now, recognizing your capacity!) When you finish, look about you with a cool critical eye, appraising each possibility. You may find that you already have many of the ingredients for your dream, but are failing to use them properly. And if YOU are the weak link, do YOU plan to change when you run over to greener pastures?

Many a man has left his wife (or vice versa) only to discover the difficulty was with self, not with the first partner. There may be "acres of diamonds" in your back yard. You'll never know until you move the rocks.

Round meat (bologna to you) may be new and fancy, but it ain't chicken!!