Vol.III No.VIII Pg.2
September 1966

Another Salmagundi

Robert F. Turner

Oaks-West Gospel Meeting

Bro. Roy L. Foutz, of S. Houston, will be in Burnet, Sept. 26--oct.2, to preach the gospel of Christ. Services will be at 7:30 each night, except Lord's Day services 10:45 am; 7:00 pm.

New Equipment For Plain Talk

We are buying modern addressing equipment to speed and simplify our mailing program. This will necessitate re-cutting of all stencils; and we need your assistance:

  1. Please send correct address, in detail. If there is any mistake in your present address-- even though you are getting the paper now -- let us make the proper corrections.
  2. Zip codes are needed. A card from you will save us much searching. Jan. 1,'67 the post office will refuse second class mail without zip codes.
  3. If you do not wish to continue receiving PLAIN TALK a card will remove your name from our list. No need to be nasty about it -- just "Please discontinue PLAIN TALK -- that wonderful paper." We'll understand!

We Both Say "Thanks"

Perhaps I stretched a point in using PLAIN TALK to describe a certain "Godly Woman" -- a bit personal -- but we both thank you for the letters and calls received relative to this matter. I still think she lives a better sermon than I write -- but there I go again. Thanks also for the letters re. the Jones-Turner discussion on re-marriage, in The Preceptor. The written word is truly, a powerful instrument, and woe to him who misuses it. WE SALUTE LAUREL HGTS., McALLEN!

The Dan Shipley family has moved from Burnet to McAllen, and Dan will preach for the Laurel Heights church. The Shipleys will truly be missed in Burnet, where their faithfulness to the Lord endeared them to us all.

Bro. Shipley is a sound preacher; with the conviction, courage, and the ability to do a fine work.

The Laurel Hgts. church has taken a big step forward in their desire to serve the Lord. Corrections have been made of many past problems, and every indication for the future is encouraging. We believe a new and better day is dawning for these fine Valley Christians, and our prayers and best wishes are with them.

Please Notify Of Address Changes

It will save us a dime, and assure your receiving every issue of PLAIN TALK. Your thoughtfulness appreciated.