Vol.III No.VII Pg.7
August 1966

Queries And Answers

Robert F. Turner

Bro. Turner:

Is it scriptural for a preacher to join the Ministerial Alliance or the Kiwanis Club or Lions Club?


This is so much like the question last month I urge you to reread my comments re. various obligations.

As a citizen I have obligations to my community -- civic obligations that may best be filled as a part of some civic organization such as Chamber of Commerce, Lions, or Kiwanis Club. I would not select a club with religious affiliations; for the Lord's church is all-sufficient in this respect. Nor would I select an "order," such as "Masonic," which is filled with religious symbolism, based upon pagan mysticism -- "seeking after God". In Christ "dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (COL.2:8-10).

It is also in order to warn that in some communities the civic organizations are in the control of worldly minded people, bent on gambling, dancing, and drinking their way through life; and they can scarcely plan a "community project" without incorporating these things. In such cases, a Christian must find some other way to serve his community.

The Ministerial Alliance is not in the same category as civic clubs. The world considers it, and for practical purposes it is a medium for joint-church actions. A gospel preacher is not a "pastor" and has no "flock" to "commit" in such ventures. But take this element out of the Alliance and these ministers could serve as well in some other civic organization. The Lord's church, and the Lord's people do not "fit" into such schemes. They put a gospel preacher in a compromising position, and conflict will occur. I have known of a few times when a sound gospel preacher (for reasons I believe doubtful) associated himself with the "alliance," and in short time the denominational preachers who urged him to "join" were wishing he would "shut up and go home". To me it is like "joining" a denominational church to fight its error. I have too much respect for them, as people, and for myself, to do such a trick.

Denominational preachers are usually fine men to know socially and I try to treat them with respect. I am not "at war" with them personally nor do I question their motives. But from the viewpoint of the scriptures they are men of the world, promoters of false doctrine; and a gospel preacher has no more business allying himself with them than the Corinthian Christian has in the idol temple (2CO.6).

Rereading the above, it sounds red hot; and I suppose some will take it as a personal slam -- but it is not so intended. I am simply stating, in Plain Talk, what I could smear with warm molasses, and spread out over a much longer article.