Vol.III No.II Pg.8
March 1966

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

For many years the most fearless defender of congregational independence; the most active opponent of institutionalism in the church, was a man whose initials are Foy E. Wallace. (I learned this name trick from him.)

The early Gospel Guardian, Bible Banner, and his personal TORCH, were filled with plain talk. When criticized for being so plain and direct, bro. Wallace said he didn't intend for someone else to have to make his applications for him. And he had a point, he certainly had a point!!

For application is one thing "we ain't got much of." Apparently some people are not too much bothered by TRUTH -- as long as it is couched in general terms, or wrapped in principles. "Thou art the man" is the part that raises their blood pressure.

Lots of thieves believe in "honesty" -- they just refuse to believe that income tax cheating is stealing. And principles, we like to think, are what we live by. In reality, many church members refuse to apply the principles they know to the things they practice; or, perhaps more likely, they fail to understand the principles they freely mouth. How else may we explain sermons on "Congregational Independence" by men who encourage a "brotherhood of churches" project; or "All-Sufficiency of the Church" by preachers who support benevolent and missionary societies? Or readers who get upset when PLAIN TALK pins down a specific case of ungodliness -- after calmly reading many articles on the principle involved.

We strongly believe in dealing with Bible principles, and seeking to explain WHY a thing is right or wrong. We like to "get to the bottom" of the problems before us -- but if we fail to make some simple applications of God's truths we fear the point will pass beneath many readers. Jesus, the master teacher, never forgot the "top-water" majority -- for which we are personally thankful.]

So -- PLAIN TALK will continue to develop Bible subjects with all the depth, and appeal to basic truth, of which this writer is capable. And we shall continue to make specific applications when clarity demands this. We are most complimented when you know what we are talking about -- whether you like it or not. When you can't see the point, we may be too deep for you, or -- gulp -- too muddy.