Vol.III No.II Pg.1
March 1966

Our Attitude Toward Error

Robert F. Turner

Now and then some readers get upset because we speak so plainly. They seem to think that our battle is personal, and that we are trying to punish someone with words. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Grievous error exists among members of the Lord's church, respecting institutionalism, the social gospel, and a sectarian attitude that forbids open discussion of the errors. These ARE NOT JUST LOCAL PROBLEMS, but extend nationwide. (Nearly 75% of our PLAIN TALK goes outside Burnet Co., to 20 states or more.) We feel an obligation to God, as soldiers of the King and lovers of His people and His cause, to strive to reach those souls that will be lost through error. And, failing this, to keep others from drifting into the same errors.

Yes, many non-members get PLAIN TALK. We have nothing to hide. There is no shame in fighting honestly and openly for the truth of God. Significantly, it is those who refuse open Bible study who dislike our unashamed approach. As for private studies, or Bible discussions with parties involved, our desire for such brotherly discussions is so strong that the slightest hint of reciprocal interest would bring us together.

Some day some honest souls are going to awaken to the fact that we love those who are lost -- aliens, backsliders, sectarians, all. It will finally soak through that our PLAIN TALK does not mean we think we are perfect, or the standard for the conduct of others. Somehow some folk will get the message -- that we simply want to fulfill our obligation to our neighbors, asking them to join with us in the search for truth in the word of God. We pray God for patience, and that includes perseverance.

Truth does not fear investigation; but error hides behind quarantine tactics. It says, "Don't read PLAIN TALK!! Take me off your mailing list." Upon request, we'll do just that. But stopping the clock does not change the time of day. You and I must one day give an account of our attitudes, words, and deeds, to an all wise God who knows exactly how fairly we have dealt with His precious Word.