Vol.III No.I Pg.2
February 1966

A Salmagundi For You

Robert F. Turner

Oaks-West Building Delay

Our new building is almost completed, but the weather, streets, utilities, etc., may postpone our "first Lord's Day" a week or so. We expect to be in our new building before our

Spring Meeting

With W. L. Warton as evangelist. March 2 -- April 3, are the dates for this series of Bible sermons. Please accept this cordial invitation to visit with us then, and enjoy the wonderful blessings in store for us all.

Meanwhile, Back At The--

Rhomberg and Washington Sts. building, we have some special "get ready for the new building" business. Plans to expand our teaching program, with enlarged modern facilities, will call for more and better-trained teachers.

A Teacher-Training School

Is scheduled for Feb. 28-- Mar.4, with bro. W. R. Jones of Lake Jackson, and bro. Robert Turner, instructors.

A film series on Laws of Teaching will be shown and discussed; and each evening bro. W. R. Jones will speak on matters related to Bible classes. Sessions begin at 7:p.m., and will be open to the public. Whether you plan to teach or not, we urge you to enjoy and profit by these studies.

New Oaks-West Building

is located one block west of US 281, on First Street at Oak. First is the new street near the Strahan home.

Plain Talk, Volume Three

We enter our third year with the same policies, same equal-space open discussion offer, same PLAIN TALK re. vital religious matters as in past.

All articles are written by editor (RFT) unless otherwise noted. Our format remains the same, with subject matter the same except on page four. In addition to our local mailing list PLAIN TALK is sent free of charge to all in USA who request it. We are especially interested in lists of names from communities where PLAIN TALK principles are seldom heard. This is a part of the teaching program of the Burnet Church of Christ (R&W) and we want to accomplish all good possible.