Vol.III No.XII Pg.2
January 1967

Priests By The Score

Dan S. Shipley

The Bible teacher and preacher must be honest with God and self, as well as with the listener. How much "judgement" may enter into a conclusion drawn -- how much may we allow an audience to affect that judgement -- if we are to remain honest?

Surely we realize, in the Absence of infallibility, that all interpretation involves human judgement. We pray for wisdom (Jas. 1:5), study as diligently as possible, then teach. A recognition of human frailty should keep all humble; and temper inclinations toward dogmatism. Yet the Bible contains facts "most surely believed among us" and one can not be true to his faith who does not set forth what he honestly believes to be truth.

May I deliberately withhold some honestly held conviction re. God's word because "some would not understand" or "it is controversial?" Time and circumstances may affect selection of subject matter (milk to babes, etc., 1 Cor. 3:2) but when we "skip a verse" or thought in the text, or withhold information God has given, we put our judgement above that of almighty God.

When I am asked to teach a book or any portion thereof, I am going to teach what I believe God said in the passage. Further, I am going to apply it to my audience as best I can. I may miss the mark -- I do not claim to be infallible -- but I must claim and practice honesty. If the listeners do not like my remarks, let them get another. teacher, or show me how I can make my remarks more agreeable to God and His revealed truth. Many "gospel preachers" (?) fail in this vital respect (for job, popularity, or reasons only God knows) and so fail God, themselves, and those whose very souls may depend on them. Teachers "receive the greater condemnation" (Jas.3:1) and for good reason.


THIS MONTHIS QUERY PAGE contains a very difficult subject. I commend the comments of R. L. Whiteside (Commentary on Romans) where much "filler" material will be found to augment the comments made in this issue. My not agreeing wholly with Whiteside's conclusion re. "creature" does not mean I treat his studies lightly. The casual reader will be unable to follow my abbreviated remarks, but I hope to stir you to further study and thought.


LAST MONTH'S FUNNERY (Stuff About Things) was from bro.of Laurel Hgts. church, McAllen, Texas. Dan reports a growing work there, despite the "tail-bearers."