Vol.III No.XI Pg.1
December 1966

Attention Please!

Robert F. Turner

If we are to reach the world with the gospel of Christ --"first, we must get their attention." Even the muleskinner knows that.

But their attention to WHAT? Do we expect to win them to Christ by getting their attention to a circus??

Some ballyhoo "our" golf-players, singers, movie stars -- in brief, just about every thing we can rake up to prove we are like the world, or more so. This is supposed to convince the world that its ways are vain, and should be discarded? "Our" church is growing, "everybody is doing it" -- seems a strange way to convince folk that few will be saved. (Matt.7:14)

Even a Christian's good works: his concern for the needy, or his capable teaching of the word, are often given a "twist" toward commercialization. Commenting on the high-pressure promotion of "The World's Greatest Evangelist" someone said, "Christ may be there, but He certainly didn't get top billing."

Leaven in the bread dough doesn't need trumpets and ruffles to get its job done. The power is within the product. It sets about doing its job, and that advertises its presence. (See Matt. 13:33) The LIGHT which we are to set on a hill is our work, not a neon sign which boasts of our celebrities.

"Thinking BIG" involves concern for the whole world, and making a sincere effort to reach the whole world with the gospel; WITH THE GOSPEL!! We must present nothing more nor less than the simple truth. Those whose attention is not attracted to that must be by-passed so that truth may be carried to others.

It hurts me to know that many folk in my own hometown will not heed the truth of God. I wish they were more interested in spiritual things -- that they would welcome open studies of matters that pertain to the church of the Lord, and to our salvation.

Perhaps I could interest them in a good barbecue, an area-wide "social", or even a "union" meeting that would disregard scriptural convictions. But only attention to Christ will save.