Vol.XX No.IX Pg.2
November 1983

Closing An Era!

Robert F. Turner

PLAIN TALK, a publication of the Oaks-West church of Christ, Burnet, Texas, was begun in January 1964, in an effort to promote better attitudes among brethren. We hoped to achieve this, not by "sugar-talk" or by hiding our true convictions, but by fair, open, objective discussion of issues common among brethren. The publication has been fully supported by Oaks-West, free to all who request it.

The February 1984 issue of P.T. will conclude twenty years of service and at this editor's request will be the conclusion of his work in this capacity. The elders of Oaks-West, in view of the editor's resignation, and sensing the closeness of the editor to the character of this paper, have decided to cease its publication with the twentieth volume.

The elders, and this editor, are keenly aware that there are highly qualified men who could carry on this work. Current writers do an excellent job, with special reference to the extended service of Dan S. Shipley, and the oft-quoted Joe Fitch. This church will retain her rights to the name and front-page format, for possible future use. Robert F. Turner and Publishing Systems, Inc. have copyrighted STUFF ABOUT THINGS.

In March, 1980, upon repeated requests from the public for reprints of earlier P.T. issues, and with consent of the Oaks-West elders, Dan S. Shipley and Robert F. Turner formed a partnership, provided capital, printed and bound in hard back, the first four years of Plain Talk. This was a private business enterprise, related to the church only in offering the public material first published by the church. Book Two, Three, and Four have followed. Book One is now out of print, and Books Two and Three are in short supply. Shipley-Turner plan an advertising mailing soon, to determine if there is sufficient demand for reprinting Book Five — the final four years of Plain Talk.

The closing of PLAIN TALK is saddening to this editor — though it is my doing. It is a closing of an era in my life, but not (God willing) of my work. With God's help new fields will be explored, more writing done, more teaching of God's word. Vivian and I continue to make Burnet our home, and my relation with Oaks-West church is unchanged.


In Sept. issue I said I was "prone" in a chair, trying to type. A reader correctly observed that meant, "face down, typewriter underneath you" and "no wonder you were frustrated." WOW!