Vol.XX No.VIII Pg.6
October 1983

Evolution And Evidence

Robert F. Turner

I admit it. I just cannot believe the theory of evolution. Why?

I cannot believe in evolution without rejecting plain Bible statements. Theistic evolution? "Believe evolution and the Bible?" No way! Such is a complete contradiction of terms. It is like a round rectangle — easy enough to say but impossible to draw. The Bible declares man was formed by God from dust; evolution says he evolved from the slime. The Bible says Eve was made by God from one of Adam's ribs; evolution traces her evolution to some apelike creature. The Bible limits creation to seven days — days defined by an "evening and morning"; evolution says this took millions of years. The Bible attributes to man a spiritual part — a soul like God; evolution accords him the place of a refined animal. No sir, to believe evolution I would have to ignore the Bible.

I cannot believe evolution while accepting the evidence of antiquity. The geological record is supposed to be evolution's stronghold, yet it does not fit the evolutionary picture. The more we learn from the geological record, the wider the gap becomes. Evolution's picture of the geological record is not what is found in the earth! All geologists — and evolutionists — know this to be true. And evolution affirms there were millions of years filled with transitional forms between the primitive creatures and those we now have. Where are all the transitional fossils? Surely some must be there! Nope! All the missing links are still missing. Not one has been found. Further, look at which fossils are found together. A man's footprint is embedded in the same formation as a dinosaur. Evolution says they did not live in the same age. And what about fossils of "modern" man found in formations containing "primitive" man from whom he supposedly evolved? No doubt about it — you cannot pay much attention to the ancient record and still believe evolution.

I cannot believe evolution because of current evidence. A kind of evolution works within all species today — what the Bible calls "kinds". For instance, cows are bred — evolved — to produce more meat or milk. We see this evolution. No one questions it. But where is the other kind? Threatened species do not evolve to solve their problems as evolution claims their ancestors did. Man may interfere and produce a mule or a chicken without wings. "Natural selection" does not produce even such small changes much less a whole new creature. And ask a cattleman if "natural selection" is progressive — will improve his herd. Seeing is not believing in evolution.

I cannot believe evolution because of its own testimony. Some stories are so far fetched they are unbelievable. Evolution tells of fish that leave the water to become birds. Hmm. This demands abrupt change. That fish must evolve in a few minutes or be a dead fish! A million repetitions will just produce a million dead fish! — and not a single bird! It is more incredible. Consider. Two fish must make that wild transition — at the same time — at the same place — and of opposite sex. Now that will tax anybody's gullibility!

Joe Fitch San Antonio, TX