Vol.II No.IX Pg.3
October 1965

Just Two Ways To Go!

Robert F. Turner

Oversimplification (what a word to start a simple article!!) may be as damaging to clarity as lengthy complicated details. As we set forth the following we are aware that many subdivisions of our subject are untouched. However, we hope to impress your minds with the most simple and basic of all choices in life -- the choice between good and evil, right and wrong. There are just two ways to go!

The Infant under normal circumstances, has but two ways to go. He will grow to maturity, become accountable, know good from evil, and be held responsible before God; or he will die, and go to heaven.

Infants do not "inherit sin" - they are not born totally depraved. God considers little ones innocent, "that this day have no knowledge of good or evil" (DEU.1:39). "The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father -- the soul that sinneth, it shall die" (EZE.18:19-f). Paul says that death (spiritual) passed upon all men, "for that all have sinned" (ROM.5:12). The safety of the little child is attested by Christ when He said, "of such is the kingdom of heaven" (MAT.19:14).

The Unbelieving Sinner has but two ways to go. He will placack"s trust in Christ, become a follower of the "Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world;" or he will die, and go to Hell.

He won't be lost because I said so; nor because God wills it (2PE.3:9). He will simply reap the wages of his own sins (ROM.6:23. GAL.6:7). Christ did not come to condemn the world. We impose condemnation upon ourselves by our sins. But Christ came to save (JOH.3:17,5:24). An acceptance of the Christ means obedience to His will (JOH.14:23; MAT.7:21-f; MAR.16:16). We prove our lack of faith when we contend that "faith only" is enough. Consider JAM.2:24; 2TH.1:6-10. The Faithful In Christ has not lost his free-agency or power of choice. He still has just two ways to go. He will turn his back upon Christ, become lukewarm, depart from God; or he will die, and go to heaven.

Those purchased by the blood of Christ may "deny the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction" (2PE.2:1). Paul warns Christians to "take heed lest ye fall" (1CO.10:12). Christ will "spew out" the luke warm Christian (REV.3:15-16). Clearly, the Christian must choose to continue in Christ -- he is not forced to take this course. We are assured, however, that Christ will never forsake us (ROM.8:35-f). If we labor for Him, heaven will be our home (HEB.4:11). "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" (REV.14:13).

The Unfaithful Christian also has two ways to go. He will recognize his wayward plight and turn about; or he will die, and go to Hell.

One who has known the way of truth should realize more than any other that his path is hopeless (2PE.2:20-22). The brittle thread of life is all that stands between him and Hell. Repent or perish; two ways to go!!