Vol.II No.VII Pg.6
August 1965

Use Your Bible ......

Robert F. Turner

Christ, The Divider!!

Christ is called "Prince of Peace" ISA.9:6.

But "Peace" without righteousness, is no peace JER.6:14.

(a). Take time to study EZE.13:8-16.

"Suppose Ye That I Am Come To Give Peace On Earth?"

Jesus said: "I tell you, Nay; but rather division "LUK.12:51-53.

"I came not to send peace, but a sword "MAT.10:34-39.

We must not confuse peace with God, with freedom from Christian warfare.

Becoming a Christian, we "go to war "EPH.6:10-f. 1TI.6:12 2TI.2:3

Why Must Christ Be A Divider??

1. Because He is absolute monarch. MAT.28:18 1TI.6:15.

He does not "share" allegiance. MAT.6:24,15:13-14.

2. He judges every man individually. ROM.2:6-11 MAT.25:14-f.

Difference in good and bad must be recognized.

3. Evil, uncurbed, spreads like leaven. 1CO.5:6-8.

Must amputate, to save the good. MAT.5:29-30 2CO.6:17.

4. Truth, by its nature, is uncompromising. MAT.12:30.

Light and darkness incompatible. JOH.1:4-5 1JO.1:5-f.

Christ, in order to remain consistent with these divine truths, must be a divider


Christians (?) who desire peace (?) and unity (?) which:

(1) Allows a mixture of God and Mammon, service to two masters;

(2) Establishes false hope in individuals by "group" judgement;

(3) Weakens moral fiber of church by countenance of sin;

(4) Compromises the truth of God;

Are untrue to Christ, and will be divided against.

Christ Will Be A Divider In Final Judgement:

MAT.25:31-f. The sheep from the goats, everlastingly.

2TH.1:7-9 In flaming fire, taking vengeance.....