Vol.II No.IV Pg.8
May 1965

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner


(We devoutly wish we had thought of this, but we didn't. Credit must be given to Bro. Glenn Rogers, editor of "Along The Border," McAllen, Texas.)

Once upon an ingenious time when automation was flowering, a certain hypothetical scientist built an entire automated factory, operated by an "electronic brain" which he enbued with the "knowledge" and "power" to reproduce itself - complete with "brain."

As time passed (as time does), the original machine wore out (as men and machines do); but this was of no great consequence, as the new ones took its place (as new things do).

Then it came to pass one self-satisfied day that a question was fed into one of the shiny new computers concerning the genius who started it all. Whereupon the computer, although very adept at reproducing computers, yet unable to "think" beyond the information that it was given; typed a little note to the effect that such a man never existed.

********** "POCO POCO"

Which is an expressive Spanish phrase meaning "little by little." on a recent trip to El Paso I heard it used often as a soft-spoken senora described her family's conversion to Christ.

Over twenty years ago one member of the family broke with traditional Catholicism and became a simple New Testament Christian. She was ostracized, rejected by friends. But "poco poco" - little by little, the truth prevailed. In April of this year the last member of the immediate family-an aunt-- was baptized into Christ. Down in the interior of Mexico I heard it again. "How goes the work?" "Ah! Poco poco!" Deep sacrifice here; long hours, much prayer; but little by little the cause of Christ grows.

Christ likened the kingdom to the small mustard seed that, when grown, becomes a tree. And to leaven, which affects the whole loaf. "Who hath despised the day of small things?" Zech. 4:10. The materialist sets God's plan aside, and builds his tower of Babel; but the faithful work on, poco poco, and conqueror through Jesus Christ.