Vol.II No.II Pg.8
March 1965

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Going After The Candy

A doting parent wished to demonstrate to a visitor the willingly obedient nature of his son. Calling the boy, he gave him a dime and then commanded (?) "Son, go buy yourself some candy!" Without a word of dissent, the boy obeyed.

If the boy would show a martyr's complex, and brag to his friends about how well he obeyed his father, this might be a good illustration of the way some church members act.

In Col. 2:2O-23 Paul speaks of subjection to man-made ordinances as "will-worship" -- something obviously unacceptable to God. This "voluntary humility" (vs. 18) was of no value in the service of God (in that it showed no true subjection to Christ, the Head; vs. 19) and did not contribute to the control of fleshly desires -- in that it was in reality the satisfaction of morbid self-indulgence. (Read carefully vs. 18-23, ARV)

Certain pagan worshipers lie on beds of nails, or cut themselves with knives, in the misguided belief that this pleases God. Their suffering is in vain, being wholly unauthorized.

Certain Jewish worshipers in the time of Christ disfigured their faces so that their "fasting" would appear unto men. Jesus called them "hypocrites." (Matt. 6:16-f) Their misery was self-inflicted, for self-satisfaction -- a "going after the candy" -- and hence no true service to God. ASH WEDNESDAY AND FISH

Now men have decreed that "Lenten" seasons should be observed, begun by a ceremonial daubing of ashes upon the forehead. Mardi Gras celebrants must sober up with coffee, fish takes the place of beef, and even little children must "give up" something-like chewing gum.

And what business of mine is it?? Exactly the same business that was Paul's. (Col. 2:l8-23) (The transfer is indicated in 2 Tim. 2:l-2)

Many wonderful people are deceived by human traditions, and make heavy personal sacrifices in the belief that they thus serve the Lord. This "will-worship? is in vain. The greatest sacrifice they could make, and the only truly productive sacrifice, would be to give themselves to Christ for service according to His word.