Vol.II No.II Pg.4
March 1965

Use Your Bible ......

Robert F. Turner

SCRIPTURES URGING US TO " TAKE HEED" Ours is an age of spiritual dangers; where the unwary and careless fall easy prey to Satan and his cohorts. This month bro. W. S. Stephenson, an elder of the R & W church of Christ, Burnet, urges us to read these passages of warning, being exercised thereby to the saving of our souls.

THE NEED TO EXAMINE OURSELVES: (1 Tim. 4:l6) TAKE HEED of your attitude toward others Gal.5 14-15 of what you hear, and how you hear Mk.4:23-24 Lu. 8:18 of the cares of this life Lu.21 34-36 to let your light shine forth Lu.11:33-36 of an evil heart of unbelief Heb. 3:12 of hypocracy in your giving Matt.6:1-4 to have concern for God's children Matt.18: 10 of covetousness Lu.12:15 to forgive those who trespass against us Lu.17:3-5 of time, to be prepared for eternity Mk.13:32-37 THE NEED TO EXAMINE OUR TEACHERS, AND WHAT THEY TEACH: (Rom. 14:12) TAKE HEED of the leaven of false teachers Matt.16:6-12 of questions and strife that do not edify 1 Tim.l:4 2 Tim.2:23-26 of false prophets, teachers Matt.24:24 Mk.13:21-23 of deceivers, who "go beyond" (Deut. 11:l6-17) 2 Jn.6-11 of your overseers (God's word is standard) Acts 20:28-31 THE SOUL YOU SAVE, BY TAKING HEED, MAY BE YOUR OWN. TAKE HEED, lest you fall 1 Cor.10:12 TAKE HEED TO MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE 2 Pet.1:10

"PLAIN TALK" ESPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL THINK It is "departmentalized" -- each page devoted to some important phase of Bible Study, Attitudes, Church History, Scheme of Redemption, etc.: with each article written in the hope that it will stimulate your thoughtful meditations and scripture-searching on these subjects. Material is concentrated, requiring extra thought and application on your part. USE YOUR BIBLE to study EVERY PAGE.