Vol.II No.XI Pg.3
December 1965

Salvation By Grace

Robert F. Turner

For the grace of God is motive for faithful service. Show yourself to be a pattern of good works, sound in doctrine, conduct and speech; exhorting others to do likewise. This is the context for the beginning of our passage for study (see TIT.2:11-f.).

That bringeth salvation -- as only grace can. None earn salvation, for all sin and are unworthy. But "salvation by grace" and "obedience unnecessary" are poles apart, as we shall see from our text.

Hath appeared to all men -- showing the universality of God's grace. If grace is all that is needed, then all will be saved. Of course this verse only shows that God's goodness is extended to all men -- made available to all. Some will profit, by accepting God's terms; while others will be lost, regardless of opportunity, because they refuse God's terms.

Teaching us -- yes, God's grace teaches! It was by grace that the revelation of God's will was made known to Paul (EPH.3:1-f.). As we learn His will we "grow in grace and knowledge" (2PE.3:18). Mankind is hopelessly lost in the desert of sin, and the way of life which God provides, and makes known to us, is a manifestation of His grace -- no matter how much obedience He requires of us.

Denying ungodliness, worldly lust -- is a portion of the negative teaching. The old ways must be rooted out; our selfish attachments for this world must be replaced by better goals. God does not "take away" our appetite for sin; but by His grace he teaches us to deny them (see. MAT.16:24). Live soberly, righteously, godly -- the positive teaching of God's grace. Neither the positive nor the negative aspects of this passage are all-inclusive. These but summarize the teaching of grace. They clearly show, however, that God expects action.

In this present world -- we have opportunity to heed His grace. "Now is the day of salvation" (2CO.6:2) means it is now or never. There is no "second chance" after death; there is no other dispensation of grace. You shall be judged according to "things done in the body" (2CO.5:9-10).

Looking for -- our saviour, our "blessed hope" whose appearing signals the end of our sojourn here and our reception into the heavenly home. Hope (made possible by God's grace) is an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast (HEB.6:19). It sustains us in time of trial.

Who gave himself for us -- the only price by which man could be justified in God's sight. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! He redeemed us from iniquity. And to what end??

Purify unto himself a people -- yes, a peculiar people, a special kind of people, a people especially shaped and molded to be God's own possession (see 1PE.2:9 ARV). A people with this "peculiar" characteristic --.

Zealous of good works. Grace teaches that, and God has every right to expect it. Thus we are saved by grace!