Vol.XIX No.VIII Pg.8
October 1982

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

This story has been around for some time but was told to me as being factual, and I'm inclined to believe it. Saturday afternoon the church phone rang, and strangers in town asked the preacher, "Does that church have Bible Classes on Sunday morning?" The preacher explained they did, for all ages; "and we meet at 9:45 a.m."

Next morning he looked in vain for stranger — hoping to get better acquainted with them, and assist them in finding suitable classes for all the family. Finally, they arrived, barely in time for morning worship. The preacher asked why they were not there earlier, and one said, "Oh, we rarely ever go to the Bible classes."

"But you asked about them specifically," he protested.

"Oh yes," he was told, "we always check on that. You see, we would not want to get mixed up with some 'no-class' group!"

By all means, avoid those terrible "no-class" people; though you seldom attend classes, or coming, do not study or take part in the lesson. Be certain you do not get in with those awful "anti-orphan home" people, even though you are satisfied if "your" church spends thousands on "Joy Buses" and recreation centers, giving a mere pittance to institutional care. Avoid like a plague those "liberals" who dim the lights and sing "mood" songs. You can surely find a place where country-western beat has invaded the "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs," and you can shake the house with good old foot-patting and afterbeat.

Are we carrying things too far? We know some have deep feelings, or convictions on these matters, so have no intentions of making blanket charges against any group. We simply want to remind you that these and many other differences can become "flags" which some may wave and defend, without ever thinking them through, or being consistent in their convictions and actions. This becomes sectarianism — fruit of a spirit that can exist even when the "doctrine" is pure.

Are we second cousins to such a spirit? Like one fellow said, "Kin? No, not exactly. Well, kinda exactly! You see, he married my second wife."